The Caregiver

I take care of people. Little people, big people. People. So, I wasn’t surprised to learn in the my early 30’s that, according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, taking care of people is deep in my DNA. Hello, my name is Cindy and I’m an ESFJ. I’m a caregiver. Knowing this about me and having those closest to me know this about me has helped out in my relationships.  People don’t expect me to act the way an INFP or ENTJ would act because I’m not that type. Now, before you go thinking I’ve labeled myself as something other than a Christ Follower, don’t panic.  I am a Christ Follower.  But, I am also a caregiver created by the Creator. Got it? Good. If you are interested in taking a test, click here.  Then, come back and tell me what your “call sign” is.  If you already know it, I’d be curious to hear how you are wired.

18 thoughts on “The Caregiver”

  1. I’m an INFJ, a counselor. I love fiercely, see in possibilities, need more people time than I used to, and work with a plan that goes with the flow in a calm extra flexible creative problem solving way.
    Oh, and I love hearing about people’s Meyers Briggs while keeping it as a chance to learn rather than label or put in a box 🙂

  2. Wow, did this test nail me! I am an ISFJ. I spent 24 years in the education field, teaching math to high schoolers. I wouldn’t want to use the results of this test as an excuse — “well, I reacted that way because I’m an ISFJ, and I can’t help it” — it is so interesting to know that what have seemed to me sometimes to be “quirks” in my personality are actually part of the way God wired me. Thanks, Cindy, for the link, and for your continued ministering to us.

  3. I’ve taken this test before and decided to take it again for the fun of it…….still an ESFJ! 😉

  4. ENTJ – The Field Marshal. Greeeeaaaat – Me, Napoleon, and Margaret Thatcher… 😉

  5. My Type is: ISFJ

    I don’t understand how they derive these results. My results don’t really fit me.

    I may not be a social butterfly, but I’m not introvert either. I do like my privacy and quiet times. I’m quite outgoing honestly. The only thing they came close on is being judgmental. I’m trying very hard not to be. I didn’t think I was much anymore. Very strange results. Anyway… It’s just one’s opinion in my book.

  6. ISFJ and it is right on the mark, especially the part about the family. I feel honored to put in the same category as Mother Theresa.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  7. ISFJ… to a tee!!!

    We took this last year in premarital counseling… My hubby is an ESFJ. Thoguht that was funny. We’re the same, but different. 🙂

  8. I’m an ISFJ… with the F and J being almost equal percentages!

    And Kimberly, I also am in introvert who isn’t shy. It’s not about shyness… it’s how you process information. If you think for a minute, does being around a lot of people energize you or make you tired? Do you have to sit and think about things alone before you talk to others about it or do you need to process everything out loud? It really isn’t about being shy. Lord have mercy, anyone who knows me knows how I love talking and can talk all day with people. I enjoy being around people. But when I’m done, I”m done and I need to be all by myself!

  9. I’m an ENFP – but you knew that because it oozes out of every pore!

    Actually some people are surprised I test as a P when I act like a J. Actually, I’m a fake J – it’s a coping mechanism, but not who I am at my core.

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