The Brick Reminds Me

We met at a nearby church on a recent Tuesday morning in October.  The weather was pleasant and was sure to provide a nice backdrop to our day of touring the places in our city that are hard to tour. Before we  loaded up on the bus, we were given a bag to carry for the day.  Inside the bag were a couple of handouts with information on them.  Upon receiving said bag, we were asked to place a brick inside it. A seven pound brick. Our instructions were to carry our bags with us everywhere we went.  No matter what we did or where we toured, we were to take our bags with us.  And as we did, we would feel the weight of the brick as it pressed into our shoulders.  This was to help us realize the burden that many are carrying due to their unfortunate circumstances.  Whether those circumstances were forced upon them or were put upon them by their own doing, they are still unfortunate. As the day progressed, my shoulder started aching.  And this ache hit a nerve and shot up into my neck.  I was a tad bit uncomfortable but I knew that a couple of Ibuprofen and a good night’s rest on my memory foam mattress would do the trick.  Knowing that comfort awaited me, how could I even consider putting down that bag? So I held it. Whenever I was standing or walking, the bag was on my shoulder. To remind me. Whenever I sat down, I put it on my lap or near my feet. To remind me. To remind me that my life is absolutely amazing.  To remind me that by doing a small part, I can make someone else’s life easier. To remind me.

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  1. Terry keeps asking me when we are going to do some of that serving downtown. Storches are in, what do we need to do? =) I’m reminding you.

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