The Barrette…It Blew Out Of My Hair

We had us some storms in Oklahoma yesterday. Nothing surprising. We are quite used to it. The hubby had it all under control and would let us know when we needed to head two houses down to our neighbor’s shelter. We had at least ten minutes to spare before it was near us…until we looked out our back window and saw some clouds lowering in a circular motion. Sweet mercy. I got my shoes on, grabbed the boys, frantically put Seth’s shoes on, and started running towards the neighbors, in the rain, mind you, with Seth in tow. He was flailing about like a little rag doll and laughing the entire way there. Just before we hit their driveway, a big burst of rain and wind slammed us like there was no manana. Once we arrived and were looking all loverly and everything, I realized that the barrette, it was no longer in my hair. The winds, friends, blew it out. I found it on the way home after the storms passed. Gosh, I love severe weather season in Oklahoma.

10 thoughts on “The Barrette…It Blew Out Of My Hair”

  1. You almost make me miss it up there. The crouching down with a book over the back of my neck in a central room, the beep beep beep “Lets take a look at a Live Doppler reading of the cell” right during CSI, the running for the cellar and popping back up 5 or 6 times so I don’t miss the action. Ahhhh… the good ole days.

    I cannot believe you found a BARRETTE outside after a storm.

  2. yes, that was quite the squall!
    (like my word? 🙂
    we were at my mom’s at hefner and may, going to head down kilpatrick turnpike, turned on the tube and decided to stay put for awhile….eek!
    sidways rain is never a good sign 🙂
    glad you’re ok!
    and seth was LAUGHING?
    gabi was crying… 🙂

  3. methinks you may need a storm shelter a little closer, like your garage. =) glad everyone is safe and the barrette was recovered.

  4. Holy smokes!

    We lived in Tulsa for a couple years and I was not a fan of the tornado season. Although they did have some thunderstroms like nothin’ I’ve seen in Michigan.

    Glad you’re all safe.

  5. All you ladies there are much stronger than me. I can’t imagine it being normal to run for cover. Is it just that I have more of an interest because of all of you or is there alot more tornados this year?

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