Texas Our Texas

To the women of Cross Timbers Community Church, I can hardly wait to be with you tomorrow.  It is going to be such a thrill to meet with you and talk with you.  Thank you for the invitation to come speak to all of you. Let’s get ready to meet with Jesus, mkay?

2 thoughts on “Texas Our Texas”

  1. Cindy – what a real blessing it was to have you at CT today. And just so you know, I don’t use that word blessing that often. I find it overused in Christian circles, and since I’m slightly cynical I don’t use it very often. 🙂

    In this case, however, I genuinely mean it.

    I know I’m not the only one in that room who needed to hear the words you spoke. I absorbed as much as I could, and I have a lot of things to wrestle through. Thanks for listening to our Dad all along your journey. It gives me hope.

  2. Cindy, I thank you for sharing your heart today with us. For me in particular, you reaffirmed that I am on the right course but also showed me that my story, regardless of outcome, will be used for God’s glory in the future. I’ve been hearing from Him that He has called me and created me for such a time as this…and I know He has plans for me to do His work for His kingdom in the near future. I don’t know what that looks like right now but I know I need to be open, receptive and just asking “what now” to God!

    thanks again for your encouragement and message of hope and for blessing us by sharing your story! You go girl!

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