Ten Years From Now

I get irritable sometimes. Actualmente, I get irritable a lot of times. Like when I’ve swept every hard surface in our home and within an hour, there is already a gritty sand on the floor that has been tracked in by little feet. Or when I have just sat down with my laptop to write and the battery needs charging because someone, who shall remain nameless but is INCREDIBLY handsome, has been using it. Or when I am trying so very hard to accomplish a task and my children actually want my attention. Pathetic, aren’t I? My pastor asked in one of his messages several months ago, “In ten years, will it matter?” In ten years, will it matter that…. …my floors are typically dirty and gritty? …there is pee all over the floor NEAR the toilet vs. IN the toilet? …that I can’t use my laptop on my lap in my living room? Pretty sure the answer is no. No way, José. Negatory. Not on your life. So, that’s been my little saying lately. When I sense irritability rising its ugly head, I try to ask, “In ten years will this matter?” 99 times out of 100, it won’t.

24 thoughts on “Ten Years From Now”

  1. I am thanking God for you this morning. It is like you are following me around or something. Each day your words are hitting home with me. Thank you.

  2. I really needed this reminder today. I have been quite irritable with my children this morning. I am off to go try and be a little less irritated and irritating!!

  3. Totally needed this today. I am dealing with too many things that will matter in 10 years that this will help me purge out the stuff that won’t matter.

    I need to clean out the matter bin. 😉

  4. two of our seminary bffs are also working with a mission down in the Dominican Republic, and they have made up this spanglish that we use. all. the. time.

    anyway. we stick MENTE at the end of adverbs. regularmente.

    that makes you, wild one, a woman after my own heart.

  5. I tried to use this thought to reassure myself last Friday. I returned from vacation, flipped on the computer, and discovered that when my sister used my computer, she accidentally deleted my projects folder.

    GONE. Design stuff. 2-years’ worth of photos. Everything. GONE.

    The kicker? My comp is too old for the software I would need to perform a resurrection.

    I cherish photos almost as dearly as the memories themselves, so it was a VERY rough lesson to learn. (read: I cried A LOT)

    But will it matter in ten years? In 50? In 100? Doubtful.

    I learned that no matter how much I love and appreciate my stuff, it’s still just STUFF, and I can’t take it with me.

  6. Um, pee all around the toilet? Is that what really happens with you live with lots of boys/men?? Oui vey….lol.

    Good point though…i like it. 🙂

  7. In ten years when that same little boy is still peeing all over the floor…’ll have some poor young lady asking herself “What was his mother thinking?”

    Fortunatly, you now have thousands of witnesses who can say that you didnt think it would matter.

    Just here to be a blessing. 🙂

  8. In ten years…I won’t smell the “pee” smell that’s missed on the side of the toilet…(unless Scott develops bladder issues:)) I won’t “stick” to the floor because of my own “Next Food Network Stars.” I won’t have to fight for the computer….
    and I’ll be a bit sad about that…so I try to fight the urge to get irritable….Wonderfully said…
    I’m so DARN happy you are a permanent part of the Cafe team!!!


  9. Ah, the male condition. We’re a little overconfident and blind when it comes to our confidence in our aim. But we’re still worth it! right? right? (grin)

  10. Sounds like a wise man I know that always says “A hundren years from now no one will know the difference!” He is also quite handsome!

  11. the pee things gets on my nerves too….I try and try to remember it’s not that big a deal but about every three months I lose it and the two men in my house know to stay far far away when Mommy is cleaning the bathroom. Let’s just say it’s not pretty….

    tx for the perspective…


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