Ten Things I Want To Do Before I Die

No one really plans on dying. I don’t have it scheduled in or anything. But, I do think of death probably more than the normal person. I know that sounds morbid but I guess it’s because I’ve lost A LOT of people in my 37 years of life. Blah, blah, blah…let’s get on with those ten things in no particular order: 1. Sky Dive 2. Visit New York City and see a Broadway show 3. Go to a Dallas Cowboys football game 4. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary to my true love, Chris Beall 5. Be on the Oprah Winfrey show with my mom when she gives away her favorite things (A girl can dream) 6. Have about a four-hour visit with Beth Moore over a Starbucks coffee 7. See all of my high school friends for another reunion 8. Watch God draw my loved ones to Him who don’t know Him 9. Give money and possessions away like it’s going out of style 10. Take godly advice and receive encouragement from my sons as they mature in their faith That’s it. I’m simple. I don’t need much.

15 thoughts on “Ten Things I Want To Do Before I Die”

  1. Ooh I agree!! All of those are on my list except for #3. 🙂 I guess I would replace #3 with traveling. My hubby wont’ go skydiving with me – will you? 🙂
    Can I just say how awesome you are???!?!??!!

  2. i love those kinds of lists!

    i won’t put ten here, but my person for #6 would be John Ortberg. other than the two primary teaching pastors at my church, he has been the most influential in my growth as a Christ follower. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I think about death far more than the average person and I always have since I lost my mother 10 days before I turned 5. It really puts a different spin on life knowing how real and sudden that day can be.

    I have a lot of things I want to do before I die. The main three are be a positive active part of our children’s lives until they are well into their adulthood and beyond, see all of our family saved and living their lives fully connected with Jesus and His plan for their lives, know and live Gods purpose and plan for my life so that I do not waste this precious gift of life God has given us.

  4. I love hearing your heart…it makes you so real to me, not that you aren’t normally, but you’re more like this person I can only aspire to be more like. I would totally love # 6, but you’re kinda my #6. Thank you Cindy for just reminding me this week that you are human just like me.

  5. Can I share a taxi w/u on #2… from your list… if for some reason you were going #2 in a taxi I doubt you’d see #6.. but that’s beside the point.

  6. Cool! I was lucky enough to do your number #2 but for me it would have been my #1 minus the show. I sent both my son and husband together this past summer for some male bonding and they loved it.

    Your #5 is on my list but Oprah’s Christmas show is booked five years in advance so needless to say….

    I have always said I wanted to do your #1 but that came to an end after I watched a girl’s experience on the news. He chute did not open and she came crashing down onto pavement and crushed her whole face. She survived but..that ended the want for me.

    I would love to one day listen to Beth Moore live in studio.

  7. Actually, I want to fly! But if skydiving is as close as I can come, I guess I’ll strap on a parachute…

  8. I love your list! NYC is AMAZING. I have been twice on mission trips. When you have coffee with Beth, can I come too 🙂

  9. This is weird. A few days ago, I just wrote a post called “My Funeral Date”. It does sound kind of morbid. But, it was about what kind of life changing lessons we can learn at a funeral. (based on Ecclesiastes 7:1-2). Well, I like your idea about the 10 things you want to do before you die. Maybe I should make a list, too. I like your #9. That could really help fund The Great Commission.

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