Ten Things I Have Learned To Do While I’ve Been On The Crutches


1. Successfully scoot my booty all the way up the stairs. 2. Successfully scoot my booty all the way back down the stairs. 3. Become more confident in my driving of our zero-turn lawn mower. I drive it over to the neighbor’s houses when we are hanging out or going for a swim. The fuel aroma on my clothes is very loverly. 4. Multi-task. I can clean my body in the shower AND get the lawn chair cleaned ALL AT THE SAME TIME, y’all. I am one talented chica. 5. Drive with my left foot. I’ve only came close to wrecking twice. Wait, I’ve only driven twice. Hmmm. 6. Scoot a laundry basket full of clothes all the way to the laundry room with one of my crutches. 7. Put on my clothes without falling down. It’s quite a feat. 8. Brown ground beef and grate cheddar cheese while standing on one leg WITHOUT FALLING OVER. 9. Fall down. Two times so far. Call me Grace. 10. Clean the boys’ bathtub WITHOUT popping the other calf muscle. Thank you very much. Amen.

24 thoughts on “Ten Things I Have Learned To Do While I’ve Been On The Crutches”

  1. Ok – what I wouldn’t give for a video seeing the booty scootin’ up and down the stairs!!! Ha, ha, ha – you ARE one talented gal!!! LOVE IT!!!

  2. What? No pictures?? You should be vlogging these adventures. I’ve never used crutches and I’m glad I’ve never had to; I’m a total clutz. Good for you that you’re not letting this keep you down. Have a great weekend. Love ya!

  3. then, i guess its fair to say that your “roots” are showing?

    the redder, the better – that’s my new motto!!!

  4. the scooting the laundry basket with one crutch made me laugh out loudJ I can just picture it.. Have a great weekend

  5. ok here’s the deal Mama C, I’m gonna need to know when you need something!
    Seriously, if you’re tryin to drive…I’m gonna need you to pick up the phone instead…I know dialing can be dangerous too, but really. Make me feel useful!!!

  6. Why in the heck would you clean a bathtub hobbling?!!!

    You are a multi-tasked woman. WOW…

    I.m sure putting on pants is a YOUTUBE event!!

    Take care of yourself !!!

  7. Now that is ONE TALENTED lady…you better be careful…Foxworthy will be using that riding mower thing in his next kit….’If you RIDE your mower to the neighbors…..’

    I hope it’s getting better….
    I’d have loved to see you drive with that!!?? well, maybe from a safe distance!

    heal up!

  8. This post had me ROLLING. I’m laughing WITH you, of course. Your writing is brilliant, just in case no one has told you that lately, and we’re praying for a speedy recovery.

  9. I’m sorry you having a rough time. At least, it seems, you are able to get some smiles out of it.

    By the way, your comment on Alece’s blog made me laugh. I commented back to ya there.

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