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Hard times happen.  They do. They happen to good people and not so good people.  They happen to tall people and short people.  They happen to Muslims and Christians. They happen. And when they happen we can either let them knock us down and cause us to wallow in the mire or we can get back up, shake the dirty stuff off and press on.  Either decision is difficult.  But only one choice brings life. My friend said something to me a while back that hasn’t left me.  He said, “There is nothing sadder in the human condition than unredeemed suffering.” Unfortunately, not everyone does something with their pain.  Many get hardened by it and understandably so.  Pain hurts and sometimes it takes every bit of energy to even toss the covers aside and get out of bed.  Been there. But as you push through the pain and begin to see how it can make your future different, better even, you will begin to experience a newness of life.  One that you never imagined possible in light of what you just walked through.  And it only happened because you showed courage, which is just fear choosing to take a step forward, and decided that you would not be taken out.  That you would, indeed, use your pain to contribute to society. Maybe you’ve struggled with infertility and were ministered to by another woman who walked the same route, never conceived and chose to trust God through the heart-wrenching pain she endured.  And because she knows your pain all too well, she helped you.  Talked you through the harder days and laughed with you on the easier ones. Maybe you lost a child and never dreamed you’d see the light of day again.  But someone came sweeping in and brought comfort to you all because they’ve been there.  They walked that road and although missing their child never goes away, they have found a way to trust again.  To hope again.  To live again.  And they helped you do the same. Maybe your marriage was in jeopardy, near death, and a couple jumped up and began to walk you through your struggles.  One day at a time.  All because they’d been there…they’d been at the place when they were ready to throw in the towel and never look back.  But they didn’t and now you are grateful because it helped you. If someone has been that to you, that encouragement in the midst of a storm, will you take a minute today to thank them?  Not tomorrow or next week or even next month.  Today.  Tell them how much you appreciate them for helping you with your pain. It’ll mean the world to them. Guarantee it.

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  1. Funny things is that today is my birthday and I was just reflecting on what it took to get to the very amazing place I am at in life right now. God’s unbelievable grace and His dedicated people! I have alot to celebrate. God has accomplished alot with me and thru me…with lots of help from His children. I am very thankful!

  2. Your friend made a powerful statement: “There is nothing sadder in the human condition than unredeemed suffering.”

    And you are right, everyone suffers.

    Often, behind the gossip, mocking spirit, rude behavior and even violence of other people (including war and terrorism), we find a lot of unredeemed hurt.

    Sometimes, just being aware of another person’s hurt and showing some compassion is enough to take the edge of the pain away and soften their abusive speech and behavior.

    Good post.

  3. Got your email. Your welcome.

    You like to write stories. My post today on Family Fountain is about Storytelling and our Children. I’d like to invite you to link over and read it.

  4. It’s amazing the love that we can have if we just let it happen. Sometimes the only thing in the way of an amazing life (no matter the circumstance) is ourself.

  5. Hi Cindy,

    Just want to say that I so enjoy reading and reflecting on your posts. I enjoyed the latest on why I do the things I do. Made we really look deep inside and reflect on your words. Thank you! It is good to know that God walks with us when we allow Him to. Sweet.
    I can relate to the area of your post when you commented on infertility and having someone to walk you through the good and bad days. We have been trying to have a baby for 14 years and we have had some trusting souls who have stood by us in those desperate years. Just this Feb/09 on the 14th to be exact, God saw fit to add to our family through adoption, a new little newborn baby boy named Matthew Parker, all the way from Sacramento, CA as we live in Canada. Imagine he was born on Valentine’s Day on the 14th, my birthday is on the 18th and hubby is on the 22nd. Now tell me that God does not have a sense of humour. We waited for 14 years and God delivered on the 14th day! Maybe I am too analytical in this, but I do see the hand of God moreso now than before and am so grateful for all the prayers and have told our friends so. May God continue to bless and keep you as you add your writings of inspiration!!

  6. Cindy,
    I want to thank you. Even though I have never met you irl your website has been a comfort to me through the storm. Our stories are very similar. Knowing someone else has walked before me and is thriving (not just surviving) has been an inspiration.
    Never doubt the ministry God has given you. He truly ministers through you.
    You have given me hope that God will use our pain to help someone else.
    So, thank you for being real and really using something so devastating to bring hope and healing to others.

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