Tech Deck’s

Noah is really into these little miniature skateboards called Tech Deck’s. He got nine of them for Christmas and has since bought nine more with gift cards he received. He had a friend over last night who is also a lover of the Tech Deck’s. They were so funny doing all of these tricks with their “boards”. He asked me if I’d blog about his Tech Deck’s so that he could be famous 🙂 He’s too much. I almost said “no” but thought…why the heck not? Here are some pics to enjoy. noah.jpgimg_0483.jpgimg_0489.jpgimg_0490.jpgimg_0493.jpgimg_0505.jpg

14 thoughts on “Tech Deck’s”

  1. That is so funny! One time he told me it was really cool that both of his parents were kinda famous. then he went on to explain why, it was really cute!

  2. I say be happy about the Tech Decs. If you had girls it’d be the American Girl dolls which run about $100. The whole reason I haven’t introduced them to my kids.

    Although Reia did ask for a Nintendo DS the other day.

  3. Oh, Noah is definitely cool!
    So are these the new ‘Hot Wheels’ of his age?
    I pray to be the quality of mom I know you are!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, I had no idea that Tech Decks were still popular! My nearly 20 year old son loved Tech Decks when he around 10 or so. He and his friends played with them for hours and hours. I think we still have some of them around our house somewhere. Your post brought back many fond memories!

  5. Hey Cindy – This is Molly Spivey (used to be Phillips). I ran across your blog, and couldn’t believe it was actually YOU! How are you guys? I am married and currenty pregnant with twin boys – YIKES! Let me know how you are doing!

  6. My son has not gotten into these yet but I have friends and cousins whose kids are crazy about tech decks!

    Your son is certainly famous now!!!

  7. Hey, there’s something other than just playing with them that you can show him. I use skateboard decks to witness to skaters, and tech deck art is similar, although you won’t find too much offensive art on them as you would on real decks.

    I’ve written on my blog about how I use the art on decks to start conversations about spiritual things.

    I’ve got more coming, but there’s a few there that could get you guys thinking about ministry opportunities…or not.

    How did he bust that “bad trick” one…was it a “Christ Air” or a “Fakie Kick Flip Nose Grind on the Fun Box”?

    Those ramps are SICK!


  8. So…how does Noah feel about being famous? 🙂

    I LOVE the shot of the ‘bad trick’. Hilarious.

    SO GOOD to finally meet you, soul sister! 🙂 Looking forward to getting to know you better!

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