Take A Guess

Do you have any idea WHATSOEVER what this is?


Allow me to shed some light on this situation for you. This, my internet peeps, is my 4- year old son’s poop. Also known as doo doo, dookie, #2, and a plethora of other labels. Stop laughing. Since we live “on the land” and we “work the land” regularly, we allow the boys to pee, NOT POOP, out in the woods, but only if no one is around. Apparently, the child got confused. I mean, the driveway is very close to the woods and poop often does start with pee. I mean, you are on the toilet to go pee and then all of a sudden, you poop. I’m expecting a letter from the neighborhood association any day now.

28 thoughts on “Take A Guess”

  1. OK…..I’m not sure this was the way to start off my morning…maybe I should’ve gone right to my devotion time… 3 THINGS TO SAY:

    1. Your boy is constipated. Add fiber, for goodness’ sake!

    2. Are you THAT desperate to lower your cool rating?

    3. Some images get stuck in my head a looooong time. Like the time I saw a car run over a bunny. Or a scene from the Exorcist (never saw the movie…the commercial when I was a kid was enough!), things like that. I shall now add this lovely picture. thank you.

  2. hahahahahahaha…..er, ahem….ok, I’m done now! I can only say that you are a BOY MOM ~ and sister, so am I! 😀

  3. Where to start. . .

    How about that I am sitting in the lobby of a car repair shop bumming their free wifi- and I burst into laughter just loud and long enough to really embarass myself.

    Thank you kindly. I will add this to the list of “Things to look forward to” when my hubby and I have kids. Or maybe this falls under “Why we aren’t ready yet” . . .

    Example #582 why Libby and I love your blog 🙂

  4. Cindy,
    I LOVE your blog – poop and all!! I am the mom of four boys, so this doesn’t surprise me at all. Beautiful, just beautiful!!! 🙂

  5. Oh nelly Cindy…that boy needs miralax (spell) – you can get it over the counter at walmart. 70% of your immune system comes from healthy digestive system. say it with me – MIR A LAX – MIR A LAX! 🙂 Next imagine should be a healthy “S” poop-poo. 😀

  6. Aah crap (pun intended).

    NOT the kind of picture I want to see BEFORE lunch.

    On the upside, I lost my appetite, so this works for my diet afterall.

  7. I have to ask…it looks like a lot of poop for a little guy…is this something that happens frequently? Is your son going to grow up and need to got to the woods/driveway in order to “go”? This is how weird habits start.

    BTW – my sister with an almost 3 year old was recently peed upon. He even warned her that he was going to pee on her.

  8. we had a neighbor growing up who, as a toddler and well into early boyhood, would walk into our yard and take a dump.

    at least your son kept it in your own yard.

  9. So, I’m looking at your post, intently looking at the picture, trying to follow instructions and figure out what “it” is. My son yells up, “when’s for supper” just as I’m finding out what what the picture is. I yell back, “later … much later.” I’m just sayin’ 🙂

  10. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    (deeeeeep breath)


  11. Seriously, run out and buy the boy some Fiber One. I can totally believe he did this. I have two brothers, and we lived out in the sticks, I mean the sticks, and I seem to recall them doing this more than once growing up. This is just too great. Thanks for sharing and for putting a smile on all our faces today, and a discusting mental image forever logged in the memory of our minds. 🙂

  12. I feel your pain…our three year old went outside to pee and also popped his head in the door to announce “I did poopy!”

    His was spurred on by seeing our friend bring over her puppy who pooped in the yard, that was what he was talking about just before it happened.

    Now, when it happened just inside our bedroom doorway while my parents were here (just the poop, no pee) I can’t tell you what he was thinking, but Barrett was not happy, I thought it was still funny!

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