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Swallowing My Pride Doesn’t Taste So Bad These Days

Hope you don’t mind that I just referenced a George Strait song. (Because I love George Strait.) (He’s from Texas. Oh, God bless Texas.) (And Oklahoma.) I like that line in his song Where Have I Been All My Life.  I couldn’t agree with him more. I know that as some people age they have a mindset that says, “Hey, I got this. I know the answers. And don’t expect me to admit my wrongdoing or that I need advice. Cuz I don’t.” I feel that the exact opposite actually. When I was a teenager, I thought I knew more than my mom and dad. Then I went to college, grew up a bit and realized my mom wasn’t so dumb after all.  Got married, had a son, turned 30 and learned that I have a whole heckuva lot of learning to do because I pretty much squandered away many years.  Now I’m 40. I have lived four decades. And I haven’t a clue about anything. At least it feels that way. I don’t mind learning from someone younger than me. I don’t mind extending forgiveness to people when they don’t ask for it. I don’t mind not knowing the answers to things. I don’t have a problem holding my tongue when my flesh is dying to retaliate. I don’t mind saying I’m sorry without following it up with an excuse. Life is too short. Where in the world have I been all my life? Thanks, George.

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