Success Vs. Significance

Success, in it’s most simplistic definition, means to turn out well.  Likewise, significance means having meaning. I am not opposed to success.  In fact, I want to be successful.  I want to be a law-abiding citizen who respects people and does whatever she can to prevent harming anyone else.  I want to be successful as a wife, mom, sister, friend, employee and mentor.  I want to turn out well as a Christ follower. But. I’d rather be significant any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Thoughts?  

9 thoughts on “Success Vs. Significance”

  1. I want my life to have meaning for sure. But, I also want to turn out well. Paul was pretty obsessed with finishing well. You know, the whole finishing the task set before me stuff. I want both, too. I have a hard time separating the two, because if I have meaning, won’t I finish well? Hmmm. You’re makin’ me think, Mrs. Beall.

  2. Cindy – the Strengths Finder lists “Significance” as one of its 40 recognized strenghts that people can possess. I resonate deeply with your desire for significance and I think it is a tremendous strength, wanting our lives to count and make a difference.

    thanks for the push this morning.

  3. …yeah, I would say that success for me would be that I was significant in a positive way. So, I’m going for success, and yet completely agree with you [smile].


  4. Thank you for being brilliant! Once you got success there is ALWAYS one more stop to make, significance. But if you have significance than you’ve already succeded.

  5. Cindy,

    Earlier this year I preached a series called Success: What everyone wants, and nobody knows what it is!

    The series dealt with failure is not failing, but refusing to get up and move on.

    I showed them a poster hanging in my office:
    Fail often, so you can succeed sooner!
    Definition of Success: knowing and doing the will of God!

    Your blog has inspired me to seek God on some revelation around significance. I think when a lot of people state success, they actually mean significance.

    I want to be significant in every sphere of life! Thank You for the insight!

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