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Stickin’ To My Guns

Commitment is difficult, I have found. ¬†And it’s not because I don’t love the people I’m committed to or enjoy doing the things I know I’ve been called to do. I do enjoy them when things are great. Who doesn’t? What makes commitment a test for me is the emotional aspect of it. My feelings get involved and my expectations don’t get met and things aren’t what I romanticized them to be and my hope and excitement and enthusiasm diminishes. And my feelings get hurt sometimes, too. Commitment takes effort. And lots of it. Which is why I am so unapologetically passionate about hearing God’s calling on my life. I want to know that I am called to do something and stand on that decision come h*** or high water. Because please trust me when I say this, difficulties will cross your path. You will second guess yourself. You will wonder if it was the voice of God or just your wishful thinking. When we commit to someone or something, we have to make the decision to follow through with that commitment before the challenges arise and before our logic gets hi-jacked. Like say, when your six-year old son decides to challenge everything you say to him at any given time on any given day and let’s you know, in no uncertain terms, that you are just not doing what he needs or likes or desires because he’s “bored”. But of course, I wouldn’t know anything about that. God, please let me reap the reward of hard work and perseverance. Just thinking out loud.

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  1. Awesome words. I’ve recently started a study through Church called The Ultimate Journey. When we started it in September, I knew I was supposed to do. I’ve prayed about it for sometime. I’m a full time student = 16 credits this fall, have a 2 hour commute for it, a single mom, yadayadayada. I know God was telling me it’s time to do this. I wasn’t prepared for the intense homework I’d be doing for it. I almost threw in the towel a month ago. But, realized I HAD to finish out what I started – what I’d committed to. Through these trials, God’s teaching me something. I look forward to the end when I can sit back and go, “OH! so that’s it.” Blessings to you!

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