Spring Break Two Thousand Nine

48 Would you believe that I’m actually taking a week off from writing on my blog? I know! I’m going to spend some time with that guy up in the picture.  He’s a looker.  There will also be some cute, little boys near me at all times. I don’t usually not write, in fact, I haven’t NOT written on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday in well over a year.  Unless, of course, if you count when I deleted my blog. Still ever so grateful to one Terry Storch for being my rescuer. Come back Monday, March 23rd to hear about my beauty pageant experience and what it taught me. Ya never knew, did you? Gone.

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  1. I became hopeful when I saw that you use your gift of “exhortation” and laughed aloud when I read that on Streaming Faith. I have been asking the Lord to reveal to me where he wants to use me and to enlighten me more on my gift, which happens to be exhortation. I love to write, poems, short stories, songs and so on and so forth. My husband always encourages me to get my writing out there for others to read. I read my poems to my friends and they are so touched by them, however I don’t know how to go about doing that and to be honest with you I don’t believe in my writing as much as other do. I think there are people out there who’s material is much better than mine. God is obviously still working on me. I felt drawn to write this brief letter to you, in hopes that you might be able to shed some light on exhortation. I love inspiring others and do so all the time. It’s a natural thing I guess. I do it without thinking. However, I also live with the fear of giving the wrong advise. I have recently learned that abiding by the word will keep me on the correct path however. Anything you may be inspired to add would be very much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to obey our Lord and Savior. Hopefully, I’ll get it figured out soon enough and be able to do the same. A little inspiration for you……. God rewards faithfullness so enjoy your just reward. Keep up your good works and continue to inspire. Much love and many blessing, your sister in faith.

  2. Dear Cindy,

    I am over joy to read your exhortation, about God always answer.
    Many of us always say it’s not God when we don’t received the answer we were hoping to receive. Like you Ms Cindy, I was praying to the Lord concerning my second Marriage. I wanted God to save it for me, because of my first one that ends up very badly. I did not want people to say that I couldn’t hold on to a commitment, so I wanted God to save this one to matter the cost.
    But my merciful Father knows best. One day I went to Him, I say Father I don’t know what to do and I really truly don’t know how to fixed this broken marriage, I need you so very much right now to help me to know what to do. And I went on to say Father forgive me for always make my own choice, and when they haven’t work out the I want them to, I back away. Lord you are the One that knows me and know my heart please helps me. If this marriage is not from you Lord, show me the step to take, help me to do the right thing, make the right decision.
    A couple of weeks had passed, I had to go to Atlanta GA, to celebrate my Birthday, while I was there visiting with my siblings the Lord spooked to me. “In my spirit I heard Atlanta.” I did not pay any mind to it, because I thought I am hearing this because of the excitement with my sisters. In my way to return home I dose off in the plane, I had a short a little dream; the only thing I can remembered was I did not choose this marriage for you kettly. You did. And this verse was quoted for me. “On Mark 10:9- THEREFOR WHAT GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER, LET MAN NOT SEPARATE.” And NO! I will not answer your prayer to save this Marriage because you do not want people to say, you make another failure. I cry my heart out in the plane, I pleaded with the Lord. I said okay, I understand you did not make this decision for me, but you cannot at least fixe it. What kind of God who say no! Are sure you are my God? After that question I went to say Father forgive me, you are right I have been making my own decisions without given another thought to you, and now because it’s not working out the way I imagine it would and my first thought was God knows my heart and He knows I want this marriage to work even though I really do feel it’s already over before it was even started. When I finally got home my so-called husband “MOVED OUT” at the house. And that’s when I know, the Lord knows what best.

    I am so glad to report this. The day I said to God: “NOT MY WILL, BUT YOUR WILL FOR MY LIFE.” And I went so far to tell God I don’t to choose any more relationship, I’m going to let you do it and I am going to let you be God.
    I moved to Atlanta GA at the Lord request. I am very happy to report today I have been Married for almost three years with the best gift my Father has saved for me from all the time I was making my own decision.
    What I’m trying to say is this: WHEN GOD SAYS NO! HE IS REALLY SAYING YES! Believe me His “No” may be the right answer that you and me need to reach the purpose of God for our lives.

    Peace, Joy, Love

  3. Wow. Those first two comments may be in the wrong post (I’ve done that myself), but wow. You get good comment! (grin)
    Everybody’s going on Spring break but me. My wife went on spring break without me! Girl’s week at her mom’s with my stepdaughter and granddaughter. I will be back on Monday to find out what that “beauty pageant experience” thingy is about. Good use of the always leave em wanting more. (grin)

  4. Dear Cindy,
    I dont know if it by chance or God’s intervention or what to call it. I received a daily devotion from streaming Faith, but sometime i do not read it i would read the heading then delete. However today after reading the topic i decide to read further, only to my amazement it was speaking directly to my heart.
    I am presently going through exactly what you have been through, every bit. We have been married almost twenty years now, 3 sons ages 19, 18, and 11 all still living at home, the 2 older ones in college. It all started 4 years ago. the child out side of the marriage is 3 years old.
    The difference between my husband and yours is that yours confessed to everything. Upon till this very day my husband has not speak about the child or the young lady (my husband is unsaved, myself and all our kids are saved). My heart has broken in so many pieces you can not count the pieces. I am broken hearted, my husband spends half the week with us and the other half with the young lady. He has clammed up he will not speak, he kept say he will speak when he is ready, it has been 4 years now, when will he be ready to talk.
    I have prayed, cried, prayed, cried beg God to give me an answer or show me a way out but all i am getting is that God hates divorce. Sometime i feel i am at the brink of insanity. I am going through a whole lot emotionally, and it seems has if this is not going to end. My husband seems quite comfortable to be having both relationships, he seem not to be receiving any pressure at all.
    I am just trying to do what God says to be the 1 Peter 3 wife. Am i hearing correctly from God. Whenever i read about these kind of situation there seem to be restoration. It makes me ask my self what am i doing wrong, why is my marriage seem to be getting worst instead of better.(he has not been home for 3 nights in a row now) What about our restoration. ( he would go to counselling).

    I want my marriage to work i dont want a divorce and he does want to either. Please, please pray for us, ask your husband and Pastor to pray for us. (his name is Jerry)

    I AM DESPERATE. Thanks!!!!

    It must be God why i saw this today, and decided to go beyond the devotion.

    Please respond to my email address

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