Spreadsheets Are From The Lawd

Since my post a few days back where I wrote Chris’ review of my stay-at-home-mom performance, many of you have asked for the spreadsheets that have literally changed the Beall family. I have decided to make them available on my blog TODAY. I know. I’m a blessing. Now, I am very aware that this may drop my cool status from a 4.2 to a possible 2.6, but I believe it’s worth the risk. You all could really benefit from my anal retentiveness organizational skills and that’s what I’m all about. Blessing the body of Christ even if it’s with an Excel spreadsheet. Let the nerdiness blessings begin. examplebudget.xls grocery-list.xls menu-2-wks.xls packing-list.xls christmas-list.xls cleaning-chart.xls

34 thoughts on “Spreadsheets Are From The Lawd”

  1. Cindy,

    These are GREAT. You had me laughing that your cool factor started at 4.2. I’m new here…but you seem pretty cool…spreadsheets and all. 🙂

  2. Cindy, in that organizational kind of way, we’re very much alike. Thanks for showing me that “organizational skills” or AR Syndrome as I used to call it is a blessing to others!

  3. Cindy, I loved all the spreadsheets. I have almost all the same ones….I like the way yours are structured though. I too am a blessing 🙂

  4. I too have spreadsheets. I have a schedule for my laundry. On Mondays, I wash the boys clothes and the towels. On Tuesdays I wash the girls clothes, the boys sheets, and towels. And on like that. I used to do towels every other day, but since we acquired two new kids, it gets done daily.

    I have a list for the grocery store stuck in a sheet protector in my binder that I can write on with a dry erase marker. I can write the quantity of things I want and then check them off when I get them and then wipe off the sheet protector when I get home, saves paper!

    I also have a schedule for cleaning. Little things each day so it doesn’t get huge and ugly. Whoever is assigned to the chore has their name next to it. I have to redo them though, I need to add my new kids into the chore mix. I was giving them some adjustment time. They have been doing chores just not officially assigned to any yet.

    I love lists! (and don’t get me started on our school schedule, I have next years stuff planned already – we homeschool – and I am so ready to go!)

  5. Oh I love you!!! I grew up with a mom that has a saved separate packing list for summer camp, vacation, and camping. And I make to-do lists on my days off. 🙂 You are my hero!!!

  6. Lady I am not sure what generation you are from where you think spreadsheets decrease your coolness rating. I must amend your previous title of AI Guru to Excel Guru. I am also putting in a recommendation for a coolness rating review. I really feel that this qualifies you to jump straight up to a 7.2 and then…….due to your hair consulting business regarding proper hair care products in OK I think we need to raise you another point…which brings you to a whopping 8.2!!!!! Now if you can just get that barrette to stay in your hair during hurricane force winds while running with a child I know you can make it to a 10.

  7. Did I see dust the furniture? Just wondering-I don’t know where you got the organizational skills-must be from your dad-Mostly I just fly by the seat of my pants-drives Mark crazy at work!

  8. Oh, sorry, Roger. Pheno is short for Phenobarbitol. It’s a controlled substance that my husband takes to keep his Epilepsy under control.

    And Mom…I love that you just fly by the seat of your pants. Just make sure you are flying by the seat of your pants the next time we are shopping at Kohl’s 🙂

  9. On the contrary- this is not geeky or anal’s called being organized.

    Min..I mean ergh…somebody I know got his monthly tracking spreadsheet with IF formulas and other logic functions….how about a database of wine list with automated reports showing how many cabs vs merlot you have in your garage? I think he’s the Mayor of Geekville right there!

  10. dude. I told kim yesterday that I’m going to stop pretending that i’m THAT organized. you saw my video, i’m just doing good to keep the notebook around.

  11. Man, I mis-read that for a moment. I could’ve sworn it said “blessing the body of CHRIS.” I was thinking, “you go girl” for you and “HOLLA!” for Chris. But of course, that wouldn’t be a spread (sheet) now, would it? raf

  12. ok, had to add another comment about the grocery list. I know you’re holding out the entire list, aren’t you? You guys just never struck me as the “rhythm” type.

  13. I’m surprised you didn’t have aisle numbers on your grocery list. That’s an awesome list! And I’m with you on the packing lists. Mine are for driving vacations, camping, overnight/weekend, and cruising.

  14. While I do love and respect you Cindy, after viewing these sheets I am feeling rather lowly. My husband and children will not hear a word of these sheets, lest they think I am not the woman they have thought I was for all of these years! Organize on, and do a little for me too!! BTW, why didn’t anyone tell me there was a coolness scale?

  15. There is another way to avoid cleaning ceiling fans-don’t
    look up! or at least wait until the little fuzzy things start flying off the blades-that’s when I know it’s time to clean
    I’m just sayin….

  16. ok, I am computer illiterate. when I click on your links, I get this page from microsoft? I don’t know what to do:)
    hey, my husband has a seizure disorder too. He takes trilptal now though and he has been seizure free for 2 years in july. Praise the LORD!

  17. Wow. You were easily a 4.85 on my coolness scale. But then I decided to check out your grocery list.

    Cool Whip.

    Maybe it’s a southern thing, a Texas thing, I don’t know. But us born-and-bred East Coasters eat the REAL THING – Hellman’s or Kraft.

    Cool Whip? *sigh* I have to take a few points off your rating. I’m sorry.

  18. “replace boys’ shower liner”….
    so THAT’S on the list, but your list doesn’t say anything about YOUR shower liner.

    does this mean that i DON’T wanna be raising any boys? nasty. smelly. dirty boys?

  19. WOW! And I thought I was an organized freak mom. Just realized that isn’t so. Spreadsheets? My husband would flip. He already thinks I’m a organization maniak. Great ideas though.

  20. lettin’ everyone know about your Rice-a-roni and pads……… that’s keepin’ it REAL!!! I love ya!

  21. Oh hey sorry if I brought up a personal issue with the Pheno comment, I didn’t know about Chris’s condition. Had a friend in high school that had seizures.

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