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There are days in my life where I feel such an overwhelming sense of my flesh. If I’m being honest, I am disturbed at just how much I cater to its needs. I imagine some of you know are nodding your heads in agreement. I find myself choosing to do things that have no eternal significance when I could be making a difference in someone’s life. Or, my personal favorite is eating too much of the not so good stuff and not enough of the good stuff. Why is it that cookies taste so much better than fruit? Years ago I realized that I focus too much on crucifying my flesh.  Instead of concentrating on what I don’t do, I should be setting my sights on becoming more like Christ in all I say and do. Because when I feed my spirit, the flesh starves.

17 thoughts on “Spirit & Flesh”

  1. I have been battling this since last Tuesday.

    I have starved my flesh for so long that I feel like it is getting desperate.

    In that desperation, I am fighting things in my life that would have taken me under years ago.


    My spirit is so strong by God that warfare barely phases me.

    All I do is praise to God. I am not alone. My God knows what I am going through. He is right there with me. He is my joy and my strength.

    The battle may already been won but the battle must still be fought. But not by yourself.

  2. I’m learning (finally) that if I focus on JESUS, then I don’t need to worry about focusing or NOT focusing on anything else! Funny how that works, huh?

  3. Good stuff. The enemy wants us to focus on fleshly things, because it prevents us from doing His work. I can remember times that I would become obsessed with my weight. Besides the vanity involved in this, hurting people lose out because of my distraction. Not to mention when I have let sickness put me down….in way that I sulked in it instead of walking in the healing power of Christ. I think we, or at least I, can also use my children to hide behind. While I think I may be doing what’s best for my children, they, too, need to see me being His arms and His feet. That’s the best thing we can do for our children, for the body of Christ and for the lost. Thanks for the reminder! I needed that.

  4. Yes. Yes. Similiar thoughts are going through my mind too. (Especially the cookie / fruit related ones!)

    I love the Psalms and couple weeks ago I read Psalm 37 in the NASB. The whole thing is really so good but this one verse jumped out at me:

    “Trust in the LORD and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. ”

    Especially that last part “cultivate faithfulness”. When I woke up this morning these words were running through my mind. Cultivate faithfulness…in my physical body, in my home, with my girls, in my calling… It was a word I needed to hear and am walking out.

  5. you’re right. the key is focusing on the positives. what we should be doing not on our failures.

    This is a good word…cause if we’re honest we all struggle with this. But if we keep our focus on Christ it feels like less of a struggle. I think Joe put it very nicely…

    “The battle may already been won but the battle must still be fought. But not by yourself”

    Anything done with Christ is much more bearable…and worth it!

  6. Its an everyday struggle… be like Christ. Especially when relationships around me aren’t strong. How can I move forward in being more like Christ, in being a better wife and mother??

  7. Yes, and the days you are focusing on the right thing, it feels so great that you just KNOW you would never stray. Then there you are the next day…

  8. Satan is such a big liar and deceiver. He likes to tap into our old self, that flesh of ours, and he’s so smug that we’ll always cave. How defeated he must feel when we get our strength through Christ.

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