To book Cindy for your next event, email us at cindybeallbooking@gmail.com. 

No matter if your event is a one-day conference or a two-day retreat, Cindy will speak to your attendees with power, conviction and a good dose of laughter. Whether she’s taking a passage of scripture and pulling out truths or diving into a specific topic, you can rest assured that you will walk away challenged to live life with a new outlook.  Cindy is happy to create a message that compliments your event’s theme or she can share one she’s already written. Some of her most common requested messages are:

God Wastes Nothing – You’ve experienced some hardship. You’ve endured great tragedy. You’ve walked through the valley of the shadow of death on more than one occasion. And yet, you’re still here. Still on this earth. Coincidence? Fat chance. As long as there is breath in your lungs, God still has you here for a purpose. Listen as Cindy shares her own journey of devastation and how God has taken her deepest pain and recycled it in the lives of others.

Messagge summary: The very thing that appears to be an obstacle on the path in front of you is likely the very thing that will catapult you into the next season of victory in your life.

God Uses the Unlikely – Would you ever have imagined that 300 men could defeat a sizable foe in a battle? Neither did Gideon. Maybe that’s where you live. You feel like the most unlikely or untalented person for God to use and even wonder how or why He would choose to use you to impact the world. Cindy will take you on a journey through the sixth and seventh chapters of the book of Judges so you can see how God used unlikely people and unlikely situations to accomplish the impossible.

Messagge summary: God can do far more with an available individual who is willing than an able individual who is not.

Developing a Godly Culture in our Lives – Do you want to see your children live out the truth you say you believe? Developing a Godly culture in our homes begins with developing it inside ourselves first. You’ll be inspired as Cindy takes you on a trip through the second chapter of Judges. You’ll see how adding a few simple practices can impact the trajectory of your own life as well as those who follow.

Messagge summary: If we would remember what God’s done in the past, we would not fret so easily over our future.

The Importance of God’s Word – Have you ever lost something and then found yourself scouring your entire home to find it? We search high and low for something that may matter in the moment but does not matter in a year. Do we seek God in this way? Do we pine over His Word so that we can learn from Him and follow Him wholeheartedly? We don’t always feel like reading God’s Word nor do we always understand it, do we? Rest assured, Cindy will give you some practical tips on how to study God’s Word, meditate on it and apply it to your lives. You will not be able to wait to spend time in God’s Word after hearing this message.

Messagge summary: You rarely feel your way into an action but you can act your way into a feeling.

Check Out What Some Have Said About Cindy

“Cindy Beall is a dynamic speaker, but more than that, she has a powerful message to share. Even though I deeply admire Cindy as a speaker, I’m even more blessed by who she is as a person, wife, mom, and follower of Jesus. If you’re looking for a genuine, funny, and biblically grounded communicator, Cindy is your girl.”

Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor of Life.Church and author of numerous books including The Christian Athiest, Weird and Divine Direction.

“Cindy’s honest sharing, biblical solidness, and gentle vulnerability allow her to connect with an audience making them see themselves in her story and catch a glimpse of God’s goodness in her teaching. Your group will be changed from hearing her speak.”

Karen Ehman, Proverbs 31 Ministries Speaker, author of seven books and Bible studies including Keep It Shut, Pressing Pause and Let It Go. Wife of college sweetheart, Todd, and mother of three children ages teen to adult.

"Cindy Beall uses her God-given gifts and warmth to communicate authentically and powerfully. She knows how to weave what she’s learned from routine everyday experiences as well as life-altering ones in order see God’s truth in the whole of life.  Her love of God’s word, her willingness to share openly her heart and life, and her fun ability to connect with whomever she is talking to combine to make her an effective speaker."

Chaundel Holladay, co-author of Love-Powered Parenting  

"I’ve had the privilege of hearing Cindy speak for three years at Feminar. I love her openness, her humor, and her ability to teach and apply the Word. God has gifted Cindy to communicate scripture that “sticks” long after the event has ended."

Janet White, co-founder of Feminar

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