Sometimes I want to escape. Not from my family. Or from my friends. Sometimes I just want to ignore my email. My text messages. My Facebook. My calls. (The) twitter. Even my blog. And sit down.  All alone.  Or maybe with a certain five year-old, ten year-old or thirty-eight year-old. Sit down and veg.  Meaning doing nothing but lying down like a vegetable would lie down. So I do. Do you?

12 thoughts on “Sometimes…”

  1. Yes…today just might be one of those days. My son is sick and I’m taking off work to take him to the doctor, but I’m thinking once I’m back and he’s medicated and sleeping…a good book, a quilt, an old movie…no cleaning…just taking it easy.

  2. I do, actually fast from emails and Facebook periodically. Not often enough and have recently felt God pushing me toward it again. On Fridays, our family has “Fast Friday” where we fast and unplug from TV. We’ve discovered how easy it is to replace it with Wii or online games though so now we’re going to include those. Fridays are my favorite days of the week and my kids have come to enjoy them too. The peace, the cluelessness about the outside world (I’m a news junkie), the new activities discovered with one another. It’s just good. Now if only I could come up with alliterative names for Saturday through Thursday, maybe we’d do it on those days too! 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for yesterday’s post. It made me think about and celebrate my firstborn. We both needed it. Love…

  3. Oh yeah! That’s why sometimes I sit down on Tuesday (or even Wednesday) to 2316 emails! ‘Cause I’ve run away from it all for four days!

    (Although now that my kids are in an e-school, I can’t really do that. We have to check in with teachers every Monday morning. ::sigh::)

  4. I do go and hide. Hide from the Outside! I need that time of peace, laughter and joy with my kids and my husband. Monday and Thursday nights have turned into those times lately. It is kind of nice to have it planned too.

    Hope will get on me if I bring my computer out to the Living Room. LOL I Love that Girl!!

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