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I’ve lived in eight places in my life. The first six of those places are in the Lone Star State. Burleson, Frisco, Paradise, Georgetown, San Marcos, San Antonio. I’ve also lived in Memphis, Tennessee and currently live in Edmond, Oklahoma. And I really do love living in Oklahoma despite the constant looking towards the sky wondering if a hook echo is on its way. Tornado season is so much fun here. But, I must say that I absolutely loved living in San Antonio. Oh, what a great city. Riverwalk. Mexican food. Sea World. Mexican Food. The Spurs. Mexican food. Am I forgetting something? Time for you to pipe in: Where is your most favorite place that you’ve lived?

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  1. Yes, San Antonio is wonderful!! I live in Austin, but my parents are in SA, and we go to Sea World every chance we get! We have season passes and I can’t wait to get back! I haven’t lived in too many places outside of TX (Austin being my favorite city), but I lived in Chicago during college and love, love, love that city! It’s my most favorite metropolitan city and miss it like crazy…yes, even the winters!

  2. I had never even heard the term “hook echo” until I moved to Oklahoma. I loved Georgia, and I miss the landscape, but I really like it here in OK. I like the sense of community. It’s rare to see small town kindness in a large city.

  3. Oh man, did I ever love living in Savannah, GA. I was there all my years of college, and it’s just the loveliest city. It has an olden-days feel and everyone is so super southern and sweet and laid-back. The Spanish moss hanging from the trees is just so mysterious and beautiful. There are parks everywhere with benches and fountains, and of course Paula Deen is downtown whipping up all sorts of yummy recipes that include gobs of butter. Mmm. Can’t go wrong with Savannah.

  4. by far….Gunnison Colorado.
    I was born in Colorado, so for the most part I didn’t appreciate it. It was when I moved to another state for college that the granduer of Colorado overtook me. Returning to Gunnison for a few years was like heaven. Maybe heaven will be like Gunnison Colorado!

  5. I live in San Diego Ca and EVERYONE loves it here. It’s a great city but getting very crowded…


    Coos Bay, Oregon- a coastal town on the Oregon coast. One of the most beautiful places back in the 70’s and 80’s.

  6. I have lived in the Rio Grande Valley, Waco, Killeen, & San Antonio (all in TX). By far, San Antonio is my favorite. Love the Hill Country. Waco had its pretty spots, but San Antonio is just….special.

  7. I miss home….Santa Cruz, California. I have been gone almost as long as I lived there. I love the ocean, the sound of the waves, seafood, the redwoods in the mountains. I miss all of it.

    I spent 3 weeks in San Antonio and I loved it. My Dad and I had so much fun there.

  8. I lived in Kathmandu, Nepal for 2 years teaching English. That experience made me come alive, and the people of Nepal will always hold a special place in my heart. South of Tibet and North of India, and lots of hippies in between, Nepal is a hidden treasure that I highly recommend!

  9. i’m assuming you have a southern accent…unless of course, you closed your ears the first 3 years of your life!

    And our home in West Palm Beach, Fl was our favorite…wanna buy it!?!?!?!

  10. Cindy that is so funny that you lived in Paradise. All of my family members are from there. Paradise is also where I attend church. How did you end up there of all places?

    Kara-Decatur, Texas

  11. i loved southern california. i grew up mostly there in port hueneme (pron. “why knee me”) right on the beach. oh how i miss it so. like. A LOT!!!

    i love the smell of the salty air. chilly misty mornings turning into beautiful sunny lazy afternoons on the sand with your closest friends and an occasional stroll on the pier. ahhhh…

    i DO miss it!

  12. Chicago by a landslide! I lived there until i was 10, and then my parents moved us to boring old Vermont to be near my mom’s side of the family. I often think about how my life would have turned out had we still been living there. I’ve always said i want to move back when it’s time to settle down and have kids. I hope that comes true…unless the guy is from an even better place, then i’ll reconsider…say Italy? 🙂

  13. i went to san antonio for a day and really enjoyed it! they must’ve been going through a drought though because the river was REALLY low. the mall is great! my home and favorite place is south FL (fort lauderdale & miami). there’s so much to do and so many different types of people. the beach is super close (and contrary to popular belief, we don’t “live” at the beach). i was born & raised here and i hope i never leave. you guys have tornadoes & we have hurricanes…it’s a little scary but exciting too.

  14. it’s a toss up. i grew up in NY and the luxury of having the mountains to wander and the cities to explore seems irreplaceable. nothing beats being an afternoon drive away from nyc and boston, two of the greatest cities in the world (in my opinion). but i’ll admit, after almost 3 years of living here, the funky, little, artsy town of denton has won my heart. our home off the square matches my temperament perfectly.

    so yeah, i guess it’s a toss up.

  15. I was born in San Antonio and lived there until 2004. I’m right there next to you missing it. However, my husband and I live in Denton, TX and I must say there’s something about it that just suits us. San Antonio will always be home though.

  16. Boy do I got you beat. I’ll see your 8 and raise you about 20. I was an army brat. Moving three times a year was normal. BUT – where I love most is right here in Ottawa. This is where I met Christ; this is where my church is and this is where I’m planted. I’ve taken root.

  17. St. Simons Island, GA. yes Georgia has islands!

    [just checking in to see if the evidence of you walking “by yourself” is up yet… i’ll believe it when i SEE it! 😉 ]

  18. “i love the smell of the salty air. chilly misty mornings turning into beautiful sunny lazy afternoons on the sand with your closest friends and an occasional stroll on the pier. ahhhh…i DO miss it!”

    Gosh, Tam. That sounds a lot like life here in TheNorthEast…

    …except, you know, the name of the ocean is different.

    But my favorite place…?

    Sorry. I’m saving that one for me, said Commander-In-Chief S. O. Mysterious. It’s too precious a memory. Just too precious.

  19. Born. Raised. Still living in Michigan. (Yawn) I have a stirring that God has something else planned….but I am waiting 🙂

  20. I have lived in Arizona, the midwest, and several cities in Southern Califonia. I now live in the beautifl Northwest, but my most favorite place I have lived is San Diego. Oh the beaches, the city life, Seaport Village, Mexico etc. Loved it! One added bonus (huge bonus) I met my husband there and we had our first baby in the awesome city!

  21. I now live in San Marcos ,but grew up for the first 8 years in Jamaica.Lived in England up until I was 24.Moved to the USA to work as an Occupational Therapist for 6 years living in Boston, Chicago,and Miami,moved back to England,met an American man (!),got married, moved to Cincinnati,Alexander louisiana,longview(moved with my Hubbys job).Also spent some time in India, Thailand and Italy.I think my favourite place was Alexander Louisiana.loved the crawfish,first baby was born,and the most friendly people i’ve ever met.Very happy memories.

  22. (Hi Saffron…what adventures you’ve had -It’s nice reading a familiar face).

    Okay, I’ve traveled a LOT, all over the U.S. I’ve lived in Austin, TX (I liked best living downtown near everything), Mobile, Alabama (I loved the “Old South” feel and the eclecticness of it), in West Texas (Big Spring specifically, near the Midland/Odessa area) and now in Kyle which is near San Marcos. I love Austin so I would probably regard that as my all time favorite. There are so many things I miss about Mobile. The fresh seafood, sunsets on the Bay, the beach, The Grand Hotel (on the Beach), going to New Orleans (only a two hour drive away because hands down, New Orleans has the best food on the planet), living downtown and everyone sitting on their front porch in the evening saying “Hey Y’all” and waving even if they didn’t know you.

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