Sittin’ In The Middle

I’m a sentimental sap. I may sound like I’ve got it all together but give me a chick flick and some popcorn on a Friday night and I’m blubbering like a bloomin’ fool. So, it was no surprise to me last Tuesday when I got that feeling again.  Heading back home with my SUV full of groceries, there they were.  I am guessing this couple was in their 60’s.  In his 1980-something Chevy pick-up truck.  Worn and beaten down, but still puttering along. Both were wearing glasses because I ‘magine they’ve seen a lot in their lives.  I don’t know how long they’d been together but clearly they still liked each other.  How do I know this? Because she was sittin’ in the middle. You see, where I come from…deep in the heart of Texas…when gals dated a guy with a pick-up truck, they sat in the middle.  There was no wondering if the guy and girl were an item.  It was an understood thing. Chris and I don’t have a bench seat in either of our cars.  Those days are long gone because of the bucket seat.  So, even though there will always be a console separating us while we’re in the car, in my heart… I’ll always be sittin’ in the middle.

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  1. There really isn’t anything more sweet then seeing a really old couple hand in hand… I often see old couples walking down the beach hand in hand as if they were on their first date, chatting away as if there was no tomorrow.

    I pray that my marriage resembles that idea of love to others… 🙂

  2. This happens in the deep parts of Georgia, too. My dad used to tell a story of a couple who used to ride in a truck side by side. One day, the wife said, “We used to sit beside each other in this truck.” The husband commented back, “I never moved.”

    Reminds me to always check and make sure I haven’t moved.

  3. Since we live only 5-10 minutes(depending on traffic) from Mexico. I see this alot. A man and his sweet in their trucks puddering along. Very romanticish!!

  4. What a sweet post. I’m right there with ya, girl..JUST watched Sweet Home Alabama on Saturday night. And I love seeing and old couple, hand-in-hand. Sigh.

  5. Cindy–I truly was encouraged by your talk today. Amazing what God can do when the heart and soul are willing. God has done much in your lives—the evidence is there!

    Thank you for your openness to share what miracles have been brought about in your lives. The healing shows.

  6. Way back when…. my now husband used to drive a bench seat truck. I always would sit in the middle. Now, in the truck we have we have our daughter in her car seat there. I miss sitting next to him. It was him that moved – not I.

  7. I’ve been checking out your site for a few weeks. Pretty cool! But on this one I have to leave a note. This December will be our 25th year anniversary. When he bought his new rugged and manly 4dr pick up truck, he made sure to get one with a bench seat in the front which is no longer the norm. It is not always the most comfortable seat, but it is the seat for sweethearts. I still love to sit next to him whether on a date or just going to get building materials. He’s still my man and when we were just dating I would have given anything to sit next to him. The only thing that has changed is our age and I’ll have to admit, our looks. I still want to sit next to him. It also makes me feel pretty young and fab when he says he wants me to sit there. Ladies we need to let them young pups know that love doesn’t grow old because our age does. We need to give the younger people encouragement to live out thier married lives like when they first met. Also, our men need to know we still want to be with them.
    Even though we are ageing, as Jesus Christ becomes more apparent inside of us, somehow (maybe even miraculously) we can seem to age gracefully and full of life. It is part of our choice how we choose to live out our love lives with our spouses. Full of life or pooping out!!! I will choose to live life to it’s fullest and hopefully for the Glory of God.

  8. There’s a cute song by Cake that says:
    Stick shifts and safety belts
    Bucket seats have all got to go
    When I’m driving in my car
    It makes my baby seem so far

    I need you here with me
    Not way over in a bucket seat

    Never totally understood those lyrics til I fell in love with a man with a pickup truck. One of our mutual life goals is to be madly-in-love octogenarians. 🙂

  9. My grandmother just passed away on the 21st of April. Shelly Hamilton told me to look at your sight….
    Wonderful. My grandparents were married 70 years last November. I know that they would have sat in the middle no matter who was driving…..
    I remember many days in the middle of the pickup truck!!!

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