Shopping With Dusty

You may remember my post about shopping with Dusty. First of all, the girl is funny.  She makes me laugh outloud and I think I do the same with her.  She is a smartmouth in one sentence and sweeter than pie in the next. Luh-HUV her. We went to several stores and in my helpful fashion, I thought I would show her some things that I thought were cute.  So, I proceeded to point out a few things here and there.  Sometimes she would be gentle and give me a I don’t think that is your color response and other times, she flat out told me to put it down, I said. Good times. I’m not really embarrassed that I don’t have a lot of fashion sense.  I have learned that I am good at some things and need help in areas where I am not.  And while fashion isn’t something that is going to make or break me spiritually, it is something that helps me feel pretty. And boys, most girls want to feel pretty. You may think that your talents and gifts aren’t that big of a deal.  You may think that you are supposed to be good at everything.  I’ll argue that and say you are not.  Because if you were good at everything, you wouldn’t need others. We compliment each other with the things we bring to the table.  Encouragment…service…prophecy…teaching…leading, heck, evening decorating a home and being a fashion goddess can bless others.  Use your gift.  And let others bless you with theirs. The body of Christ is a beautiful thing.

9 thoughts on “Shopping With Dusty”

  1. YOU are funny. And, I appreciate how you let God lead your life when shopping. Sure, I’d pick a thing or two out for you. But you would let the Spirit confirm in you when a pair of jeans were straight from heaven.

  2. I have to say, you two did GOOD! You’ve been lookin’ quite sassy in your new threads! Glad I’m part of the “body” that gets to touch you AND Dusty! Great post.

  3. I want to SEE what you got. Please be vain for a bit and let Chris take some pics!

    PLEASE!!! It isn’t fair to talk and talk and talk about your newly awesomely dressed- down 20 pounds-body and not show us….You faithful readers from other parts of the world!!

    Even if you just picked a few of us to email pic too….PLZ!!!

  4. I luh-huv her too! She is one of my favorite friends! So glad she has you in her life. Can’t wait to meet you one of these days!

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