35 thoughts on “She Walks!”

  1. well. i WAS suspicious: this video is proof that you never really were injured, but were blogging all about it just to up your stats.
    see. the running gave it away. 😉

    i love you!
    i love you!
    i love you!
    i love you!

    THANK YOU for an animated Cyn today. i’m still smiling!!!

  2. I love you, too, Mandy.

    And just SO EVERYBODY KNOWS…I DID GET HURT. Not only can my sweet family attest to this, so can Natalie Witcher. She sat by me in church when I couldn’t stand up to get my worship groove on during the music.

    Hep a sista out, Nat.

  3. So funny.! I love your hair! It looks so cute! Glad you are feeling better sister! Running and all………..

  4. YAY! So glad you are all better. Cute video. (Good job, Noah!) Love your hair…looks so good. Oh, and I used to booty scoot 10 years ago when I had knee surgery (and a 12 lb brace with a recirculating ice pack with a cooler attached to it. Yeah, ask me how much fun THAT was.) Don’t miss it. And you won’t either! 🙂 Hooray for healing!!!

  5. Luv it!!! It’s awesome to see the real live person behind the blog! Lu huv the bootie scootin’!

    Loved the video and I think we need to see more!

  6. Congrats on walking again! Yay!

    It was fun to see some of your facial expressions on the video. You are not just the person on “paper” now. 🙂

  7. That was great!!!!

    I must say that I totally love you and not just because you can walk. I remember when you posted pics of the house. Someone wanted to know how you afforded it. I remember you posted how you live under your means and you stated that…..you had an empty dining room. I see it is still empty. Thanks for being real!!…Makes me all the more excited to use my frequent flyer miles. LOL

    You are precious!!!

  8. Yay! No more crutches! I had fun swimming with you and your sweet boys last week! You will have to come again!

  9. Well, the walking certainly is impressive, and the camera-work even more so! I’m a new reader here, and although this post is about the video and all, I should say that the story of God’s healing work in your lives and marriage has totally blown me away!

  10. you ran!!!! hahaha! i was SO laughing at that. im thinking…she wasn’t hurt – that girls got her ‘run on!

    you look marvelous by the way! so beautiful!!!

  11. I loved this! You are so funny! I do have a couple of questions because I only know you from this blog and I am a naive Michigander.
    1. Don’t all southerners have an accent? Or am I just generalizing? (I am sure many people are laughing at me now 🙂
    2. You are so trim! And cute!
    Thats it, enough humiliation!

  12. wait a minute….was THAT really you…your pic on the header is a brunette…hmmmmm….
    WHOOOO HOOOO…you are up and you are walkin’….now grab those STILETTOS and do your thing girl!!

    It’s just so FUN to see and HEAR Cindy!!
    now go on…but be careful!!


  13. i also forgot to mention that you SOUND just like the lady from back home.
    for real…
    if you don’t already know it, you have a twin.

  14. Oh my gosh……… YOU RAN!!!

    Awesome.. Mandy is just jealous, no mind her.

    I love the fact that I have a voice with the words.

    Love ya!!

  15. dangit. does that mean i have to do a video now? ugh. okay…i will, soon. watch for it. soon.

    you look great, btw, and made me laugh. =)

    i could almost smell the new carpet in your new house! =)

  16. That is too funny!! I can’t believe you boot-scooted up the stairs for us…ha! Glad you’re all healed…i can imagine crutches are no fun! 🙂

  17. i loved this! loved loved loved it. i feel like i know you ten times better just by seeing you and hearing you and watching you booty scoot.

    i’m glad you’re up and about nowadays!

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