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Our 4-year old, Seth, has recently learned to say the letter “L”. Prior to this remarkable accomplishment, he would say “W” for “L”. Here is an example of a conversation that Seth and I would have. Seth: I wuv you so much, Mom. (Puckering up to give me a big kiss.) Me: I love you, too, Sether Joe. Seth: Wuv you, too. (Leaving to play outside and hollering at me) Wuv you, too, Mom. You’re my best girl. Wuv you so much, Mom. My cup runneth over.

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  1. We both have sons the same age.. although I have 2 teens too.

    Anyways Isaac (7) says momma, love you to the eternity,galaxy, pluto on and on.

    Yeah I melt too..

    but what’s funny is I ‘ll hear love you to the moon….then…
    can you get me some KIX now?

  2. THat is one sweet boy Cindy. I’m a tellin ya…if he were a few years older I’d have him for one of my girls.

  3. That is so sweet. Put these times in your mommy memories because before you know it they are teenagers. It happens faster then we realize. 🙂

  4. So sweet. I just love little boys. Hope to have some of my own someday…

    Glad you’re blogging all this stuff…will make for great memories to look back on! Just BACK YOUR FILES UP! 😉

  5. So I was at my granddaughter’s house yesterday bringing back the family PC after resurrecting it from the dead once again, and I caught her surfing the web on the wireless laptop. “What are you doing?” I shouted. She looks at me puzzled, like what’s my problem. I say “does your mom know you’re online?” “No” she says and shrugs.
    So they had to go somewhere. Use to be, she’d run out of the house in whatever raggy, dirty clothes she was wearing, with her hair looking like a rats nest. Now she has to change into “something nice” and brush and comb her hair, brush her teeth and rinse with mouthwash and put in her ear rings “the rose ones”. I’m dreading how long this child is gonna take to get ready to go somewhere when they start letting her wear makeup.
    Yer gonna miss those w’s. (grin)

  6. Aaron had a pre-school teacher named Judy Ann, and he had problems with his “j”s. So he called her Dudy Ann. We would practice in the car – juh, juh, juh, Judy Ann. His always came out “juh, juh, juh, Duty Ann!” And how he loved his Dudy Ann. Judy Ann and I both cried the first time he called her “Judy Ann”.

    Of course, this is th same little boy who at the age of two thought his entire name was “Aaron Lawson get out of the sandbox” – gotta love that!

  7. That is one gorgeous kid.

    It always makes me a little sad when they move out of those cute mispronunciations. Of course I suppose it would be sadder if my 13 year old still said “Wuv,” huh.

  8. May I say that your posts bring a small piece of a comfortable home into a traveling heart?

    Now, if he could just get down the “TR” instead of “F” in some words…

  9. My son, now 26, used to say, “I’m down in the lumps.” It was years before I had the heart to tell him it was “dumps” not lumps. Lumps is now the family tradition. Oh, BTW, Cindy Beal – I wuv you too! Have a great weekend.

  10. My 19 year-old son could not do S’s, L’s or R’s. (The uhly bud getzth the wum.”) He sounded just like Elmer Fudd. As soon as he got to kindergarten age, it all began to fall away, and we missed it. It is so fun to watch/hear those little impediments now on videos. Those are sweet times. Your little guy is adorable.

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