Our Gift


My baby is four today. He just started using the word actually. And he uses it properly and everything. Sigh. Shortly after Chris’ confession, I was obviously distraught. I remember telling him, “I will NEVER have more children with you.” Why did I make such a final statement? Because if he ever did it to me again at least I would only have to worry about raising Noah alone and not another child. I hate that I even said that. I did, though. Which is why we should be INCREDIBLY careful about what we say when our emotions are wreaking havoc in our lives. We cannot take it back. I can’t imagine my life without this little boy who wants to know if everything is going to kill him. (Mom, if I eat this am I gonna die? Mom, are those chemicals gonna kill me?) He’s absolutely a joy. I’ve had so much fun with him. It’s almost like he was a present from God to Chris and me for walking the road we did. And what a gift he is.

16 thoughts on “Our Gift”

  1. Oh how sweet! I love that kid and I’m so glad God blessed you with him. He has blessed me in ways I can’t even explain! He and Noah are both amazing little boys! Seth taught me something profound that I was just sharing with someone the other night…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to little Sethers!!!

  2. Okay, Robin. Have no idea how you logged in as me. That’s a tad bit spooky. Could it be because we live about 2 miles apart out in the boondocks?

  3. Cade my 4 year old love the word actually. He uses it about a 1000 times a day. He uses that instead of umm I think. Gotta love them.

  4. Happy Birthday to your little one! My youngest will be 5 in a couple of weeks and I can’t believe it! It goes so fast doesn’t it?

    I hope your family has a wonderful day!

  5. awe, this is so sweet! tell Seth happy birthday! Jayden will be 5 next month! Yay! With me not having kids, I told Lakendria we have to share Wesley and jayden… They just get to stay with her 🙂

  6. The interesting thing about saying things we can’t take back is that it forces us to confront our dependency on the forgiveness of others. And versa visa. (grin) Oh and Robin is logged on as you because she pwn$ you. She R l33t. Never mind. Geekspeak. Non-techies are funny. (grin)

  7. Happy Birthday smiley.

    I know what you mean about making rash statements. I spent years saying “I’ll NEVER get married again.” 12 years later … still single. It’s all good though.

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