Semper Fi

The last Monday in May means one thing for Americans:  The end of a 3-day weekend.  Who doesn’t enjoy a long weekend?  But what we patriots so quickly forget is the reason we have an extended break. We have Memorial Day to honor those who have served our country in our nation’s military:  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard…you name it.  And I’d like to take the opportunity today to honor someone very dear to me.  My brother, Ret. Master Sergeant David Moehring. Just a few weeks ago, he retired from the United States Marine Corps at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina.  He spent just over 21 years serving his country in multiple states and countries.  Many weeks and months were spent away from his wife and two children as he fulfilled his duty to protect you and me.  He’s endured sleepless nights when any one of the hundreds of Marines under his command needed to contact him.  He has been deployed and even missed the birth of his daughter.  He’s suffered physically from his service to the United States of America.  But, he is still standing, praise God. But what the 300+ Marines who used to report to him don’t know is that he is as tender with his nephews as he is tough with you.  When he laughs it is with an all-out abandon where he throws his head back just like he did when he was a kid.  They don’t know how well he parents his children and how much he serves his wife.  Not many know that he was a superb basketball player in high school and smart as a whip.  While he and I share a similar temperament, he is as calm as a cucumber and just goes with the flow.  He is funny and can imitate Gomer Pyle perfectly. David, I love you.  I am proud to be your sister.  Thank you for my freedom. Ooh-rah.

7 thoughts on “Semper Fi”

  1. Now that is how you honor a brother in the Marines. Thannk you for your service David. Semper Fi !! I have 3 nephews serving now! My Father was a career Navy Man, 25 years of service. I am proud to be a Navy Brat! Happy Memorial Day! I know why we celebrate, and who! :O) Thanks for sharing. AJF

  2. God bless your brother, Cindy. Tell him thank you. I am eternally grateful for the soldiers who fight and have fought on my behalf, and will never take our freedoms for granted.

    Today I posted about what happens in a mom’s heart when her son goes to war. I think anyone with a family member serving in the military will be able to relate.

    Happy Memorial Day!

  3. Hey Cyn,

    Thanks for the kind words. I love you and your family and look forward to seeing you soon! Take care.


  4. Hey Cindy,

    Tell your brother thanks for serving our country. My husband is serving our country as we speak, SSG Yansen I love you and thank you for your service.


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