Seafood and Alligator Water


My dad and I went fishing when I was five or so. I’m told that I enjoyed it right up until the moment he pulled a Bass out of the lake. Only to me, it’s wasn’t a lake. It was alligator water. Why did I think it was alligator water? Apparently I watched TV shows that showed alligators coming out of bodies of water. I translated in my five-year-old mind that this body of water, that used to be the home of my Dad’s catch of the day, must have included alligators, too. That was 32 years ago. And not a bite of seafood has touched my mouth since. I know it’s all in my mind. My husband longs to enjoy some lobster or catfish with me. It’s a big joke in my family. Still TO THIS DAY my mother will tell me about her seafood adventures and then pipe in, “I know you would have wanted to be there!” Mother? I do not want to eat seafood. Not now. Maybe not ever. I am, however, praying about possibly tasting a bite on my 50th birthday. I am not making any promises, though. And there you go. Issue #1 addressed.

9 thoughts on “Seafood and Alligator Water”

  1. Hold out till your 50th.
    Make it special.
    You don’t want any regrets!
    (WeÒ€ℒre talking about food right…not alcohol or sex?)

  2. I guess if you’re going to abstain from something it may as well be seafood. Although I still don’t get the connection. But I guess you’re in good company. I won’t eat pork and beans.

  3. nice, i can’t fathom this though. seafood is my FAVORITE!! when dining… it is either chicken or seafood. not a huge red meat person. definitely not pork. πŸ™‚ eww.

  4. If a doctor told me that I had to pick one cuisine to live off of for the rest of my life, it would be Sushi. Raw fish, octopus, eel (favorite) and roe are delicious.

    Cajun is a close second. Alligators, crawfish, shrimp and oysters are delicious.

    I have lived in Texas my entire life. But when I get to a place where fresh seafood is available, that is all I eat because it is hard for me to get it where I live. Fish for breakfast is the best.

    I am still blown away by the fact that God created wonderful creatures for us to eat (there is speculation that all living creatures didn’t start eating each other until after the Flood) plus all vegetation (plants, herbs and spices) for us to eat. God is so good.

  5. C-Mo,
    Seafood is delicious but I feel your pain. I still must turn the open end of my pillow to the center of the bed when I go to sleep b/c the little trolls, monsters, leprechauns, whatevers who live under my bed can climp up easier on the ends. πŸ™‚ Everyone has funny childhood quirks. I think they are funny.

  6. What a funny story. It is amazing how our present is influenced by our past. I will not walk around barefooted, even in the house, because I stepped on a frog when I was 15 and I was barefooted! So I can feel your pain! It is so fun to have re-connected with you after so many years. I start back teaching the Moms Ministry next Thursday. This will be my 18th year! Wish you could be here with us. Did you know that Bellevue does a live video stream of the lectures on Thursdays at 10:40 and then they archieve the messages. You can access them off of http://www.bellevue.org. Join us if you can sometime. Blessings.

  7. Cindy, I do not think this reasoning is weird at all! I actually have a similar story πŸ™‚ I have never eaten seafood or fish (and I come from MN lake country) either! I told my dad when I was little that I would not eat anything that lives in the same water it poops in. He still makes fun of me to this day!

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