Say What?

With the move, my blog reading has diminished quite a bit. After Chris Beall and I made pizzas on HIS NEW HONKIN’ GRILL tonight, we sat down to watch #1 Memphis and #2 Tennessee play some basketball. We love sports. I especially love basketball since I played it in jr. high and high school. I rode the bench mostly because there were two girls taller than me who were out on the court most of the time, but I was still ready to go in the game at a moment’s notice. Cuz I’m that kind of girl. Why the heck did I tell you about my basketball playing days? Oh, right. Watching basketball on TV. So, we’re watching basketball on TV and I decide to catch up on reading and commenting on blogs. I don’t get to comment everyday on all the blogs I read but I like to do it at least once a week. Anyway, I am commenting and I got an error message from WordPress. You wanna know what they said to me?

You are commenting too fast. Slow down.

How dare they.

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