Sanctification.  The state of being sanctified.  Set apart for a sacred purpose. In The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence he writes,
…our sanctification does not depend as much on changing our activities as it does on doing them for God rather than for ourselves.
How does this play out in your life? Thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Sanctifi-who?”

  1. I’ll take it a step further. True sanctification happens when we change our activities for God, rather than for ourselves or others.

    Too many Christians today are emotionally unhealthy and ultimately are spiritually dying because they fear what others would think of them, rather than the fact that God loves them, accepts them through the blood of Jesus and wants them to be:

    A. Real


    B. Working through the process of seeking Him, finding Him and surrendering to Him. (With all of our heart, mind, soul)

    It’s a process. Sometimes sanctification takes a long time, and thank goodness, He patiently peels back each layer revealing more and more of our hearts to the Light.

  2. constant awareness of everything we have to give, to do, be gifted with, embrace, love, hate, everything was given to us by Him…so giving it back for me means being constantly aware that it isn’t really mine anyways.

  3. I see this play out in my job. Teaching college students is not an easy task. If I am just here for the pay check (and anyone who teaches knows that I am not!), then I would only see a sea of students who need grades.
    However, because I am sanctified, my ordinary roles suddenly become tasks of faith. Now, I see individual students who need grace.

  4. it requires for me a major shift in focus. which is extremely hard to do, if im being honest. i tend to, too often, look at me first. my comfort, my wants, my perceived needs in what i do. forgetting that all that in all my abilities, what im gifted to do, is for His purposes, not my own.

    how should it play out in my life??? better than what it is 😉

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