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I read this recently from Oswald Chambers (December 9th):
Beware of refusing to go to the funeral of your own independence. The natural life is not spiritual, and it can be made spiritual only through sacrifice.
My pastor often says that sacrifice is giving up something you love for something you love more. A pretty simple definition, if you ask me. And to the point. I know we all make sacrifices. The sacrifices of some, such as our military heroes, cost more than the sacrifices of others. For that, I am beyond grateful. So, what does sacrifice look like in your life?

7 thoughts on “Sacrifice”

  1. great question! I am learning that sacrifice is not sacrifice at all when I am living FROM him instead of FOR him. Sacrifice transforms into deep supernatural joy! Sorry to sound strange here 🙂 this is just where God has me right now! love the post sista!

  2. sacrifice to me right now looks like this thing that, before i was sitting in the middle of it, seemed glorious and amazing and absolutely worth it. having spent 4 years now (a piddling really) in the m-field in east asia, i feel myself fighting against myself to remember why we chose to sacrifice….been having short conversations with Dad lately (should be longer – less talk more listen) and asking Him to help me remember why this is worth it. all sacrifice is hard….whether chosen or thrust upon us. my struggle is the continued good attitude about continuing to choose the harder path. my first thought was to write out what specifically i’m struggling to keep sacrificing for His sake….but then i felt that green curl of me-ness begin twisting it’s way into my mind….regardless of what it is that Dad is asking us/me to sacrifice, i’m fermenting in the stink of sacrifice that has been wallowing in pity – rather than truly embracing the Him in it. i’m desperate to re-experience the “giving up something you love for something you love more” and move past this focus on what has been given up. rambles…..that’s all this is. but i appreciate the question because i feel like thinking through an answer has been the first glimpse of an attempt to stop sitting in the muck – i’d much rather dance through it.

  3. My sacrifice comes in the form of serving my family. I gladly care for husband and children, but it does not come without giving up my independence. Thankfully, my husband does the same. Because we both appreciate the need for “me time” we encourage each other to spend time with self, friends, hobbies, special interests, etc. It helps us sacrifice independence without squelching the spirit.

  4. Cindy, I’m with Pastor on this one. My thoughts on it are: you either sacrifice or you don’t. Where would be without sacrifice? In a rut, stuck in the miry clay. The mundane life. Dontcha think?

  5. Thanks for a great post Cindy. Any sacrifice I may make always seems quite puny compared to the sacrifice CHRIST made for me!!

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