Research: Have You Cheated?

I’ve got a question that I would like answered by people who are married or were married.  I really need your comments so please don’t ignore my begging pleading plea. There is a purpose to this question.  I am not interested in asking this to make anyone feel shame or travel back down a path that they’d rather not remember.  I’m simply asking for research purposes.  And really would like your input. The rules are this:  Comment anonymously.  I don’t want to see a name, email address or URL.  Mkay, kids? Here we go: 1.   Have you ever cheated on your spouse?  (I mean physical, not mental.  Please don’t put that you’ve committed adultery in your head.  Although that is still sin, I am only asking for the physical act of cheating on your spouse.  Because the thing is, we’ve all probably committed adultery in our minds.) Answer.  Anonymously.   Go.

65 thoughts on “Research: Have You Cheated?”

  1. before i was saved – i cheated with 2 different married men – actually helped one get a divorce from his wife while he and i lived together.

    now i am married 1 1/2 and have not cheated. God has really been gracious in helping me with that part of my life. my hubby has not cheated either.

  2. Married 13 years and I’ve never cheated. Just found out husband has repeatedly. Pretty much living your story.

  3. No, I have never cheated. I think it has been in big part because I stopped drinking by the time we were married. I’m a different person when I’m drunk.

  4. i come from a long line of cheaters. my whole family cheated. thats all i knew growing up.

    remarkably – ive not cheated on my spouse in 17 years of marriage.

  5. No. We have been married for almost 16 years. I just recently found out that he had a year long affair with a co-worker. I’m devastated. But we are still together. PTL!

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