…to make young or youthful again…to give new vigor to…to restore to an original or new state… These are the definitions, according to Mr. Webster, of the word rejuvenate.  When I am running low on energy, whether emotional, physical or spiritual, I know I am in need of rejuvenating myself. When my children were infants, I needed to restore myself to my original state by being a person who was rested.  My physical energy was depleted.  So, I would often rest when they were napping.  As they became toddlers, I was even more tired because of their activity.  Not only that, I was also dealing with mounting frustrations because of the constant Mommy said not to touch that phrases that I seemed to be shouting at them daily.  Because those days were consumed with the needs of my young children, I found myself emotionally drained.  Things are different now as I parent a 4-year old and a 9-year old.  They still need me but in different ways.  I don’t have to childproof my home anymore or wonder if they will slip down the stairs.  I don’t spend my days telling them to leave the TV and stereo alone.  In fact, I have exactly 2.5 hours to myself every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Glory to God. One might think that with this new found freedom it would be smooth sailing.  Quite the contrary.  This, I believe, is where the rubber meets the road.  I am experiencing some spiritual struggles as a mother.  These difficult times come from the hours upon hours that I spend trying to disciple my boys to become men who wholeheartedly love and follow Christ.  We makes strides, I see progress and then BAM!  Seth is knocking his little buddy upside the head and Noah is complaining because he has had the most horrible…day…ever! Back to my knees I go. I have learned over the years to find my place, my happy place, where I can get renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated.  It is what I do when I am not feeling like myself.  When the days are warm and breezy, our back porch has become my solace, my retreat.  Oftentimes I am accompanied by the man in my life, which is such a nice treat.  Sometimes we talk, most of the time we just sit and watch the squirrels jump from oak tree to oak tree. Which can be very entertaining, thank you. Whether you are a mom, dad, husband, wife, employee, boss, sister, brother, caregiver, minister…whatever role you find yourself in regularly, make sure that you find some time to be refreshed. Cuz nobody likes a grouchy-pants. I’m just sayin’. What is something you do to feel rejuvenated?  What works for you? ***Note:  The is a G rated blog, folks.  Keep it clean 🙂

21 thoughts on “Rejuvenate”

  1. I put on some really nice music, like the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir, have a cup of tea and quilt… relaxes me….and of course, the kids have to be out of the house so absolutely nobody interrupts!

  2. Hi Cindy,

    I go to the bookstore. I cringe everytime I pay $3.50 for a Chai tea latte, but drinking my hot cup of yummy and browsing the bookshelves gives me a nice pick me up.

    I also love to take long walks in the woods. Trees and fresh breezes go a long way…

  3. There is something about being outside and “unplugged”. No tv, cell phone, laptop, etc.. Just alone with nature. Its the way I believe God intended for it to be.

  4. I blog. It is not enough. I like your back porch idea. I think I am thirsty for scripture and God time.

    I am often drained by the task of caring for my boys. I love it more than my own life, but it takes all of me.

  5. I go for a ride topless!

    OH!!! Sorry I go out and drive with the top down on my car!!! The 12 mile curvy canyon road up to the Veteran’s Cemetry where my M-I-L is buried is a wonderful peaceful drive. Then I can talk to her and thank her once again for raising my husband right. Then it is 12 miles back.

  6. Cindy,

    You know me, I either have to go to the gym or I go and put the gloves on and spar a few rounds at the MMA school.

    I know, it’s a sickness.


  7. I always thought that peace and courage were things that God magically gave us until I read Joshua 1:8. It’s something we need to “take.” We need to own it. Jesus gave us His peace but not the kind that we know in the world – a peace that comes from finding rest from being weary while still in our circumstances. Sounds like you have a good handle on that. 🙂

  8. I love to go get a pedicure…OH MY how it feels so good to have my feet & legs massaged sitting in a massage chair. its $25 for about 45min and well worth it! I take my book & just relax or just close my eyes & zone out.

  9. i need to find a happy place.

    ive never had one. im not generally unhappy tho. but there are times when a “getaway” is very wise.


  10. Retail therapy works every time! I love to inhale the atmosphere at a charming boutique full of home decor. I also crave vintage treasures so I do a lot of garage sales and estate sales. There’s nothing like the thrill of finding a treasure among the rejects.

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