Redemption…At It’s Finest

Bruss FamilyI remember the day I met Brian Bruss. Just a few weeks prior to that day, our nation was hit by an onslaught of attacks in New York City, Washington, DC and a field in Pennsylvania.  We now call those the events of 9/11. My husband and I were in Edmond, Oklahoma, for the weekend to lead worship at the Oklahoma City Campus of  Only back in 2001, it was called the “West” Campus because it was one of two campuses. My how times change….11 campuses later. There was a need for a worship leader at the “East” Campus, now called the Edmond Campus.  After jumping through some hoops, rounds of testing, and painful interviews for my husband, Chris was offered the job.  He started that role as the Edmond Campus Worship Leader in January of 2002.  Little did I know that six short weeks later, my life would be wrecked. And six weeks after my life was wrecked, so was Brian’s. Brian and I were both in a world of hurt due to the infidelity of our spouses.  Fortunately for me, my husband was broken, repentant and willing to do anything and everything to salvage our marriage.  Brian’s first wife wasn’t. Two stories of infidelity with two endings. One willing spouse.  One unwilling spouse. Both stories had pain.  Both stories have triumph. So, when I see the picture above with Brian, his wife, Divina, and their newborn son, Caleb, I can barely contain the tears.  I am moved beyond explanation.  His first marriage wasn’t saved. But Brian was.  And I can tell you with all certainty that God used one Divina Chavez to help in saving that man’s life.  Because I can see it all over his face.  Braces and all 🙂 Worship God with me…His redemptive power is remarkable and worthy of praise.

16 thoughts on “Redemption…At It’s Finest”

  1. “Of course I love that story.” – Kim H…..Well, of course we do.

    And, I love “His first marriage wasn’t saved. But Brian was.” Love that, CB.

  2. “You make ALL things work together for my good.” The Truth of that Word, whether written, read or sung in a Kim Walker tune- plays out in both stories- may not look the same, but the Truth of His Word is the same yesterday today and forever- Praise Him!

    And, Happy Anniversary by the way! I meant to send it to you on Saturday, but I sure am glad that His restoration Power was able to be unleashed because you and Chris were obedient to His calling and believed the Truth of His Word! Love you guys!!!

  3. I am so awestruck by this testimony, that I am actually sitting in my workstation weeping.
    I love our awesome God….
    Brian got a two new treasures… to hold onto forever!!

  4. I’m so glad that “because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning. Great is Thy faithfulness!” –Lam. 3:22-23

  5. This is one of the realizations that I came to within my own situation, and what infidelity has done, and undone. I knew that by me putting my faith into God, He WOULD make ALL things work for HIS good. I may not like the journey that I would be on to get there, and the ending may not be the one that is of my dreams. As I write this tonight, it looks like God is bringing my husband and I together, which is what I have been praying for over the last year plus some. But before that could happen – BOTH of us needed to be broken, for His will to be worked in our lives.

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