Red Sea Moment

I don’t know if I have the market on the phrase above. (I’d like to think I do.) (But I probably don’t.) Since January 1st, I’ve read through the first six books of the Bible.  And if all goes as planned, I’ll finish both the Old and New Testaments by December 31st thanks to the Bible reading plan I’m using with YouVersion.   Because of my reading through these books, the Israelites are heavy on my heart. There are many profound events that happened from the time they were released from Pharaoh’s grip to the point where they crossed over into their Promised Land.  But the most profound event to me is when they crossed over the Red Sea on dry land. Can you just imagine? It literally blows my mind to think of massive sea creatures being held back by the hand of God as He pushed the water back just enough to allow them safe passage. Can you picture it? I have experienced such a deliverance in my life.  When my marriage was dead, lifeless and hardly hanging on by a tattered and torn thread, God intervened.  He flexed his omnipotent muscles and showed Himself mightily. I guess you could say that He parted the Red Sea for my husband and me. So when I talk about a Red Sea Moment I am literally talking about God’s hand intervening and literally performing a modern-day miracle in the lives of people who are fully devoted to Him. When has He parted the Red Sea for you?

3 thoughts on “Red Sea Moment”

  1. Over the last eighteen months, He has:

    Pulled my me, my husband, and our marriage from the ashes after my husband’s infidelities and is in the process of breathing life into us and it again.

    Placed us in an area where we both had access to counselors who specialized in what we were dealing with.

    Provided for our family by quickly finding my husband a job in an area he was skilled in after he lost his job because of his infidelities (he was a pastor.)

    Sold our house in five days in an impossible market for asking price so that we could move closer to my husband’s job and into a much more affordable house for our new budget.

    Given us just the right people at just the right time to walk this journey with us in a loving, grace-filled, and unrelenting way.

    I needed to remember these things today, Cindy. Thank you for being you. Finding your website was another Red Sea moment for me. I’m so not kidding. Thanks for what you do, who you are, and how you have knowingly (and most of the time, unknowingly) ministered to me. Love to you, girl…

  2. Cindy….

    I have two things… they literally happened at the same time…

    Like yourself, my marriage… and… being delivered from fibromyalgia. If you know anything about this medical disorder you know it does not “just” go away. The only explanation is God orchestrated it. It’s like a beautiful ballet performance. Everything happened precisely at the appointed time and place. Just as God with the Israelites and the Red Sea. I’m in awe of it all! Dumbstruck if you will!

    Happy Tuesday!

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