Periodically, some of my legitimate emails get sent to my spam folder.  Because of that, I go check it every few days to see if I need to respond to someone.  On occasion I find an email from someone on the Ivory Coast who is in desperate need of my help. She’ll tell me that her dad was a cocoa farmer and that he made oodles of money that he left to her.  Only that she can’t get the money so she needs my bank account number so that she can transfer said money into my account.  Then, I can help her with her life by instructing her how to invest this large sum of money when she comes to the United States. Of course, I am here to help. Seriously? Do you peeps get these sort of emails, too?

10 thoughts on “Really?”

  1. Yep, I get them too. I’m always surprised that people fall for it! Give your bank account to someone you don’t even know? Wow.

    But on another note, I would love to help fund your blog and all the necessary admin costs associated. If you will send me your credit card number and a one time $25 fee I will gladly post a credit to your account by the end of the a week. Yes, I’m a giver.

  2. I get these sometimes too. What’s sad is that people actually fall for these all the time! I couldn’t believe it when I saw a Dateline-esque special on all these people who had been scammed by this sort of thing. Crazy…

  3. Worse than that. I once got an email from a guy asking me to be a camera man for a video shoot he wanted to do.

    Cool. I wrote back and asked him for more details about his project.

    He gave them and then told me about how payment would have to be through this complex bank transfer system because of blah, blah, blah…

    I laughed. Then I thought, ‘Seriously? Scammers are this desperate?’

    I wrote back with something that hinted at the “I’m not that dumb” kind of thing, and he never wrote back.


  4. My fav was a survey I was going to get paid to do. All I had to do was spend $50 at Walmart, $50 at Walgreens, and transfer $2500 through Walmart’s Money Transfer service. The offer included a legitimate check for $2750.00. My payment for my employment as a surveyor was the left over $150.00 in my bank account, oh and I got to keep the stuff I bought at Walmart and Walgreens. The con was in the fact that your bank has to make check funds available after a very short waiting period, whether they were able to verify the check or not. The Money transfer was for $2500. And I’d owe my bank $2750.00 after the check finally bounced. I called the number they gave as part of the process, to verify that I had deposited the check. Darn it, I missed out on this opportunity. The check accidentally slipped into my shredder…

  5. I had an Uncle in Nigeria that left me lots and lots of money. I am trying to raise the required $3800 that it costs to claim my fortune.

    Can you please help me…..Just send me a check and I will make sure to pay you back…..Later!

    Promise KK

  6. I’m getting about 100 or so every 2 days where I’ve won a lottery and they are trying to contact me for paymnet. I just need to supply all my personal information. I’m waiting for them to find me for real and hand over all this money I’ve won!

    Some make it to my emails but most to my spam. Most of them say that my package is ready to be picked up. I just sit back and dream of how I’m going to spend all that money, but I’m wondering if in American $$ is only about $19.

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