Raising World-Changers

What if we expected more from our children? What if we quit dumbing things down for them or quit anticipating failure or quit settling for what is normal?
Imagine with me: How radically different would modern American youth culture be if we stopped raising our kids to survive their world and started empowering them with a vision to change it? Steven Furtick, Sun Stand Still, p. 33
Homeschooling my children is so much more than academics. Our studies of science, math, geography and language don’t take a full day. In fact, with the ratio of two students to 1 parent, I could probably get both my boys through the 12th grade by the time they are 14 if I wanted to. What I’m experiencing on my parenting journey is that I must prepare my sons for more. More than just surviving, but thriving. More than just what they are supposed to do at their age, but empowering them to hear from God and follow His leading. You may use a private school or public school to help you educate your children in formal academics. But, unleashing Christ-centered children who are full of integrity is your responsibility. It’s not your child’s math teacher’s job to instill character and work ethic and vision into them. That’s your job. That’s my job. There’s nothing wrong with kids being kids. I let my boys run wild around the yard with nothing but shorts on, go fishing at the pond and ride their bikes all over the neighborhood. But I also expect more from them and am beginning to see them rise to the occasion of displaying Godly character on a daily basis. Let’s raise world-changers together.

3 thoughts on “Raising World-Changers”

  1. “Homeschooling my children is so much more than academics.” Absolutely! And, yes: All that extra time is so full of potential and opportunity.


  2. Just married off our daughter this past Saturday to a godly man of integrity. So thankful that his mom (he was raised by a single parent) raised him to love Jesus, respect others and love his wife as Christ loves the church! Beyond blessed today!

  3. Preach it, sister! Have you read “Do Hard Things” by the Harris boys? Same premise of expecting more out of today’s youth and those boys are out changing the world. You can catch them at

    Wild, shirtless, fishing boys – we must get our sons together! They were meant to be friends just like their mommas! 🙂

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