18 thoughts on “Seth’s Quote of the Century”

  1. That is too funny, We used to ask our oldest when he was young why he was pushing on his peepee. his best response, “because I need to”
    Boys crack me up

  2. that is so funny having two boys myself the things they say about their boy parts are too funny and the things they come up with

  3. Boys will look for any excuse they can find to mention their parts, won’t they? At least when they are young, people think it’s cute. 🙂

  4. This just caught me so off guard that I laughed until I had tears. Then I saw Kim’s comment and started all over again. Seriously, WHAT IS IT WITH BOYS??????? A day doesn’t go by, does it?

  5. So funny! And so true. My boys are 3 and 4 and alot of conversations are had about boy parts. And farting. I love boys!

  6. One of our boys laughing loudly yells, while out at the park, “When I go high it tickles my penis, Ha Ha Ha that tickles, that tickles”…and on and on it went…precious sweeties!!!

  7. Buncha chicks don’t even know what the boy is talkin’ about. When driving in a car and the vehicle takes a dip (“goes down”), that funny feeling you get in your gut has an added little pleasure (dare I day) on a boy’s peter – well, it tickles, but in a strange sort of way. Its akin to the shiver you get after a good pee (or is that just another guy thing?). “I’m just sayin.”

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