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If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you’ve gotten to know me a bit.  You have an idea about my humor, my convictions, my personality and my experiences.  Now, it’s time for you to get to know Chris.  This man of mine is a wealth of wisdom.  He truly does have wisdom beyond his years.  He knows so much about so much. We are going to have a couple of days each month where you will be able to ask him questions.  I imagine many of you, who know our story, will want to hear his side of things.  You’ll want to know how he felt, what he experienced, what led him to confess and a plethora of other things. Because he is a leader of pastors in our church, some of you may want to ask him about leadership issues.  He is a phenomenal leader and is more than happy to share on this subject. Still others of you may want to know things that may have no spiritual significance whatsoever.  Like how he can find the absolute best bargain on the internet because of his mad researching skills or how his team can win the Big 12 championship game on XBOX 360.  He’ll go there, too 🙂 So, let’s get at it. Ask away!  We’ll post his answers/thoughts next Monday in a very creative way.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Well, I’ll just jump right in and start us off with a less than pleasant, but super important, bit: How has pornography shifted for you since your confession/breakdown (whatever you call that)? From the sounds of it, nothing was working before you got to a breaking point, so has anything worked since?

    Do you have any thoughts for those of us struggling with it now who have not come to a breaking point?


  2. What were some of the ways you knew God was dealing with you, just before your breaking point? Were there visible signs going on? I guess I’m wondering how will I know when God is dealing with my husband…?

  3. Luke and Traci, great questions those will be fun to discuss. Everyone else…if you feel embarrassed to ask a question, ask it anonymously. I promise you wont offend me and there is nothing off limits.

  4. I’m a christian leader like yourself (not a pastor) but high in the church food chain as my husband is too. He’s a great hide and seek specialist in his sin and too everyone else he’s a saint.

    Today I find it so frustrating as a wife to stand in FAITH for my husband to ever change. So I asked my God to change me.Oh my did He ever in 2008 and still is. A serve a great God.

    When did you know that Cindy Was NOT going to go and felt really confident in it?

    So you could be really who you were, not a saintly hide and seek specialist?

  5. “a doubting wife”…now were getting honest. thanks for the question….not sure I’m as excited to go there…but i will.

  6. having been in ya’ll shoes more than once, I’m wondering if you still have personal battles with it. I fight it every day. It’s easy to trust my God, not my man.

  7. What do you do if you know someone is cheating on their spouse, you have confronted them by yourself and no change in their behavior? You then take another person and you both confront them but they continue with the relationship and their spouse is still in the dark? How do you handle the situation from that point forward, especially when you work with the person who is cheating, you go to the same church as the couple plus serve with them? What about the spouse is dark, do you tell

  8. This question is for Cindy and hits on the trust question above…how did you get to place where you trusted again?

  9. I have 2 qestions.

    How did you explain all of this to your children? Is it then easier for your children to say…. look at what you did so what I’m doing isn’t that bad? I always felt that it was hard to be completely honest with my kids about my mistakes for fear they would think it was “ok” to make mistakes. Make sense?

    And for the 2nd question….. In reading Cindy blog (daily) it sounds like you two are still head over heels (maybe even more now than before). What are some things you do to keep you and your wife head over heels in love?

  10. I am struggling- my husband had an affair with a co-worker who sat with me at church every week. I just cannot believe he is really a Christian? I just feel he is a hypocrite and I cannot trust him, yet he thinks I should not question him since he said he has stopped. I have lost my faith completely. How did you and Cindy get thru this?

  11. Wow – everything I was going to ask is already listed above.

    My need for help comes from a spouse who is a practicing alcoholic and has cheated on me physically “at least” once (that I am aware of). He has had at least one “online” chat with another woman and I know of at least to porn sites. He tells me that he is “faithful” to me now – but does not see a problem with “talking/texting” with the woman he cheated on me with. He says it’s “just talk” and it crushes my heart. He continues to drink knowing what it is doing to him/us.

    I have read “Love Must Be Tough” and to be honest – I don’t necessarily feel that this is the answer. I don’t know. I feel he is so blinded by the enemy and his addictions that he can’t find his way out.

    I love him more than I know how to put into words – but I’m so unbelievably unhappy. We have only been married for 1 1/2 years…how will we ever make it to 2 much less 20, 30, 40…?

    I have no idea how to help him…

  12. i wanted to leave this suggestion/thought on the “we need your help” post but comments are closed. so i’m leaving it for you here.

    would you guys consider launching a chrisbeall.com site that is more… masculine and targeted at the men in these situations? i think it would be so powerful to hear the story from chris’s point of view, for both the wives but also for the guys who find themselves in similar entrapments. for it to be a forum/site that feels more comfortable for men who are willing to take the step to seek help.

    i would like my husband to read your story and watch the Q&A video(s), but fear he’ll shy away because of the site it’s on. (certainly no offense at all, cindy. because i love your site. and i believe it’s perfectly suited for your target audience.)

    anyway… hope that all makes sense. just thought i’d throw that out there.

    love you guys.

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