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Sorry everyone, but we had some technical difficulties this week with the video.  Since you can’t see his face on the video, I thought I’d show you just how handsome he is. I know, right?  (Sorry to menfolk who probably don’t want to read this.)

80 Chris is going to write his thoughts about the questions instead: Lynette and Anonymous asked how I hear God and how I study the Word. The more I am purging sin from my life and repenting, the more room I have for the Holy Spirit to fill me up inside.  When I am filled up and being led by the Holy Spirit, I hear Him very clearly.  It’s not usually an audible voice although I do believe He does speak audibly at times.  For me, it’s a peace (or lack of it) in my spirit that says, “This is from God.” One thing I pray is, “God, is this direction or is this a distraction?” When I study the Word, I ask God to bring something to me when I’m reading.  I ask Him to speak truth to me.  I actually do a lot of asking when I read because I don’t want to miss anything.  Even if I don’t feel like He’s spoken to me, I don’t go by those feelings and trust that my soul is being nurtured as I’m reading His Word. Tam wanted to know what Cindy’s biggest strengths are as a wife and mom. Cindy is my biggest fan.  Her belief in me is beyond what I deserve.  She even believes things about me that I don’t even see in myself.  No matter what, I know she is with me.  As a mom, she is very disciplined.  She really works hard to maintain schedules and plans for our boys.  She taught Noah how to read before he went to kindergarten and is doing the same with Seth.  She loves those boys even though they drive her crazy sometimes 🙂 Jason asked how he should talk about his past with his fiance without hurting her. Some people think that you shouldn’t disclose things that happened in the past.  I am not one of those people.  While I don’t think it’s always in the best interest to give every detail, I do believe that full disclosure is necessary.  If we don’t do that in our lives, we are just leaving a door open for the Enemy to come in and mess with us about our integrity and honesty.  Honesty in a loving, healthy environment is what’s best, in my opinion.  You never have to wonder, “Did I tell her this?”

5 thoughts on “Q & A With Chris”

  1. I totally know that Cindy is your biggest fan. She’s an inspiration to all wives to be the same to their husbands.

    And, completely agree on full disclosure. It creates acountability.

  2. Awesome Answers as always.

    You have a great wife. I also repect the fact that you two have been able to restore your marriage. You both live a life of integrity. I love you both for that.

  3. Thank you for being so candid with your story – where you are and where you’ve come from. I look forward to sharing this blog with my husband.

  4. Thank you Chris! I have never met you or Cindy face to face – although that would a truely wonderful thing I am sure. I do believe Cindy is your biggest fan – but I also get the idea that the admiration is reciprocated. It’s obvious the truely amazing love you have for each other and I pray for the same reciprocated admiration between my husband and myself.

    Thank you for the visualization of asking God – “Is this direction or a distraction”…a great way of praying and asking God to make things clear.

    Thank you again for always remaining an open book to those of use who pray to be in your place one day!

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