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  1. I love you Chris Beall.

    Thank you for being candid, for loving my friend so much and for having such beautiful boys.

    You are blessed but you bless people as well. A few months ago I had to write my testimony in six words. I was listening to you and it keep playing in my mind.

    Broken but Blessed by His Grace!

  2. i had to view in two installments but i did make it thru to the end! =)

    thank you for sharing your heart. your wife and sons are blessed because of your faithfulness.

    i have lots more to say, but i don’t know where to start. just thanks.

  3. Wow…13 minutes is a long video. sorry about that. It’s sort of challenging though to condense answers to those questions in neat little packages. Sometimes i feel like people perceive that its overly painful to talk about this stuff and that somehow we should be honored for being so honest. Please know that next to the gospel of Christ, this is absolutely our favorite story of all time! We don’t get tired of sharing it nor do we get tired of continuing to write it day by day with the choices we make. This is a gift that we can share our lives so openly with you and feel completely safe in the process.

  4. Chris – what you and Cindy find your favorite story to tell is so painful to us who are dealing with it at the time that it is difficult to see the beauty…yet…I know you understand that.

    I want my husband to see this video so much but I also know that if he’s not prepared – it will fall on deaf ears. I need to quit trying to bring him to his breaking point and work on me.

    I pray two things and will use your words:

    Lord, I pray that you will make something beautiful out fo this chaos and this hell that my husband and I are in the middle of. I also pray that you will take these horrible circumstances and make something beautiful from them.

    I love my husband more than I know how to put into words…

  5. I believe that you love you husband and you would probably give anything to have to power to “fix” this. You are also very wise in realizing that this is something that God has to do in him. i would pray….that he grows to truly hate this sin (most of us love our addictions but hate the emptiness of its consequences. the moment our hatred shifts to the sin itself…watch out. that is when we do whatever it takes to be free. I will pray this for him as well.

  6. Thank you Thank you thank you!!! You can’t know how this spoke to me…Today!! I have had a couple of things running through my mind, one was when our son was home I felt kind of like he was getting on to me, because I tell people about what we went through. And I realize that I do that because IT IS WHO I AM now. Ya know? I am Traci, this Traci because of what I went through!! The other thing running through my mind is…that I had asked Cindy to pray because we have a friend who is going through this now and she has called the house several times talk, and I fully believe that it will bring even further healing. Ronnie has even talked to our friend, which is HUGH!!! So thank you Chris for you openness to this, it was truly a blessing today!!!

  7. I will pray for him to hate his sin as you recommend and thank you for praying with us. You won’t be able to forget his name…it’s Chris. 🙂

    Can I ask if there is a way you would recommend me asking him to view this video or should I wait? He is a very young believer and I think “wants” to be satisfied with being a Sunday believer and let the rest of the week be “his”. Does that make sense?

  8. your humility and (still) repentant heart is evident. in your eyes, in your voice, in your words.

    brokenness makes all the difference…

  9. Chris,

    Thanks so much for your transparency. Wow!

    When I was in highschool, my brother and I discovered our father’s online porn addiction. We were obviously devastated. 10 years later, I still struggle with trusting and respecting my dad.

    The thing that struck me in your video was when you talked about how your kids saw you dealing with your sin from a place of brokenness and repentance. I NEVER saw that from my dad…..I only wish that I had! To this day, it is our family secret.

    On behalf of your kids who will be adults someday, thank you.

  10. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your story. Mine is very similar but I’m only three and a half months from disclosure. I’m broken and allowing God to redeem me. The road is hard and freeing at the same time. I’m praying God will make beauty from these ashes. Thanks for being a transparent beacon of light and hope for what I know God can do with my story as well. I’m now living in accountability and surrendered to Christ. Life is so much easier this way. If you have any wisdom for how I can best help and love my wife through this process, I’d love to learn more. She is the most amazing, loving and Godly woman in the world. She’s still with me even after all of this, though deeply devastated and crushed. Cindy- thank you for your encouragement to Nikki. Your journey has helped her see what God can do, even in the midst of this.

  11. Great thoughts and continued questions. for those of you who are in the middle of your world collapsing, know that you aren’t alone. If you will allow me, i will answer some of the follow up questions in future installments of Q&A…good things

  12. I was unable to watch that without crying.

    Good stuff. Really. Good stuff to think about for sure. I’ll be watching this again tomorrow with Jake. Fo sho! 😉

  13. What if you aren’t willing to fight something every day for the rest of your life? That doesn’t seem very encouraging.

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