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Publishing Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

Have you seen the movie Julie & Julia? It’s a cute film about the chef, Julia Child, and a budding writer, Julie Powell, who decides to make 524 of Child’s recipes in 365 days. I didn’t really know if I would enjoy the film but it was a lazy, Friday afternoon and I figured that since it was free on Netflix, I’d give it a try. I mean, if it was awful, I could just take a nap. Win-win. What I didn’t realize about the movie was that Julia Child spent eight years trying to get a publisher to print the cookbook she had written with two friends. Eight long, frustrating and equally rewarding years. One part in the movie showed Child sulking on her sofa after reading a rejection letter from a publisher. Later on in the movie she is shown sending off her manuscript to more than one publisher again. After moving back from Europe to the States, she receives a letter from a different publisher saying they are interested in publishing her book and finds herself jumping up and down on the front porch with her husband, Paul. And the final scene of the book shows Child appropriately placed in her famous kitchen opening up the first copy of her first book. Her loving husband smiling as she screams. I knew I was supposed to write my book for eight years. And in those eight years, I’ve experienced the sulking due to more than one rejection from a publisher. I rejoiced when I received an email from a publisher stating that they believed in my book and wanted to explore it further with me. And just a few days ago I received my “galley proof” in the mail which allows me to read my manuscript one final time before approving it. After doing that, all that I have left now is to get my first copy in the mail. My heart is flooded with emotions today. I’m not ashamed to tell you that I cried big tears today when Julia and Paul were rejoicing because of a letter from a publisher or when she opened the package to see the finished work. I cried hard. And it felt good. I’m overwhelmed because of so many reasons. My family is supportive, my marriage is healthy, my children love each other, my friends are near, my church is amazing. But I’m also anticipating a day that will come (and be here before I know it) when I open a package and see my book. Or maybe I should say God’s book. After all, this is His story. And it’s a good one.

7 thoughts on “Publishing Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart”

  1. How excited I am for you. I so can’t wait to read the post you do when you get YOUR BOOK!!!!

    It will be great to see the Lord work your book into helping countless women that you either know or haven’t had the pleasure to meet. You have a story that touches hearts and souls and shows true forgiveness. It isn’t just a story about a saved marriage. It is an amazing account of a journey, of following Christ, of the redemptive power of our Lord and Heavenly Father.

    Your wounded heart healed and your hard work will all be reflected in a bound book. The only thing better is sitting with you in person. 🙂

  2. I’ve started writing a book. I’m discouraged… I don’ feel adequate. I feel like my writing is like a 3 grader’s writing. I know it’s the adversary. I just don’t know how to squelch the enemy. I know, leave it with God. I think I have. It’s just that the enemy is so convincing. Help!

  3. congratulations on a huge accomplishment! i find it difficult to write my blog posts…i can only imagine the labor of love that a book would entail! your humbleness toward the credit of the story is wonderful…HIS story coming through you.

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