Private Eyes (Clap), They’re Watching You (Clap, Clap)

They see your ev….ry move, baby.


If you didn’t know that I’m approaching my 38th birthday next month, you know now. That song is by my beloved Hall & Oates. It helped me with some serious dance moves back in 1981. But enough of that. The Hubby and I were eating out at a restaurant recently. By ourselves. Without the children. Oh, bless the Lord for neighbors. We were thrilled with our experience there. Our server was adorable and bubbly. Lu-HUVED her. She brought refills without my having to ask. She even brought a to go cup as we were nearing the end of our meal. After settling our account with her, we left. But during our happy, little meal, we noticed an unhappy camper sitting next to us. It was obvious she was a miserable person. You know the type. Downcast. Not smiling. Smirking. Mumbling. And rude. The salad she ordered wasn’t quite to her liking. Understandable. I’ve gotten a plate before and had to ask for another one. It happens. But, people. You should have seen the poor gal who was serving her. The woman was UTTERLY RUDE AND AWFUL in her mannerisms towards this young girl. She wasn’t yelling but quite frankly, she didn’t have to. Her facial expressions showed her dissatisfaction. And I wanted to slap her. Sure did. SHURE did. But, y’all know I didn’t because, well, my husband was sitting with me and he’d have surely tackled me before I set these size nine feet on the floor. Because he cares. After my long story, you know I’m going to have a point. It’s called courtesy. Have you ever found yourself to be this woman I witnessed at the restaurant? Please know that I am fully aware that we have our days. But I don’t think that this was just a bad day for this woman. Consider how you treat others. It’s not someone else’s fault that you had a bad day. And if you are a Christ follower, all the more reason to turn that frown upside down and show that He really has made a difference residing in your heart. Private eyes are indeed watching you. I’m just sayin’.

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  1. Love Hall & Oats….Dusty Love SARAH!!!!!

    I have had bad days and I have also had bad service usually not on the same day. I try really hard to treat servers, cashiers, employees, etc with respect and common courtesy. I find that I spend quite a bit of time saying thank you and smiling. 🙂

    What irritates me is when I see someone being nicer to the public then they are to their family. What is up with that.

  2. Cindy! i’m sitting here for real LOLling over your post title – i remember that song… drew is looking at me asking: ‘what???’.

    woman, thou art NUTS!

    1981? i was… um… THREE years old then.
    just sayin’

  3. Mandy….THREE! I was, um, let’s see, eight. I remember 1981…good year.

    Now, about courtesy. I am always nice to servers. They hardly make any money, they work hard hours, they usually young, and they are SERVING me. Dad gum people, we live in a fantastic society! Be nice!

    No one likes a grumpy pants. That’s fo sho!

  4. What’s really sad is that the lady is probably always like that. I’ve known a couple of people that are that way grouchy, rude to others & not smiling unfortunatly those people don’t see that there is a problem.

  5. So true!

    And if I am singing that song in my head all day you are gonna hear about it, girl. If you see my name on the caller id….

    (I won’t be calling to be grumpy, just to sing to you)

  6. Oh so true!

    I was with a few [Christian] women the other day when one began to retell a story of bad service from a waitress, much like your experience actually. She was the grump though and she seemed just a leeeetle too proud of her bad behavior. If it wasn’t the first time meeting her I’d of told her how I feel about that sort of thing. Maybe I should have anyway.

    And because we’re admitting it, I was 19 when those guys above were rockin’ your world. 🙂

  7. Ok I was born in 1982!!!

    I am big on this one, Tim and I both loved serving tables. The cool thing is we made A LOT of money doing it.

    Lets love on some people today, we all need some love!!!

  8. 1. The Hall ‘n Oates picture would fit with the link I sent you 🙂

    2. Courtesy- Another thing that I try to exercise my courtesy on is to all service-oriented people (particularly the cleaning service at your office after everybody leaves).

    3. I’m always nice (I think), to all the customer service people, having been there myself, even when I’m frustrated I don’t call them names or just talk down to them. On the contrary, some of them sounded pretty cute I ended up just flirting with them 😐

  9. Did Nicole Knox say NINETEEN EIGHTY TWO?

    Excellent point today, Cindy.

    As for H&O – I don’t much care for songs that spell. Seems like a copout to me.

    “Yo Hall, I’ve got this whole blank line in my first stanza. Can’t think of anything to go with it.”

    “No sweat, Oats. Just spell what’s in your heart. The chicks will still be singing it 30 years down the road…”

    M.E.T.H.O.D.O.F.L.O.V.E. (come on, sing it with me now…)

  10. thanks for making me feel young – i really need that right now! 😉 i’ve never heard of that group. but, i was very sheltered growing up – you know Ma and Pa Meadows didn’t let us listen to anything but gospel music! hee hee!

  11. mmm….scary. private eyes watching me???

    not a fan of hall and oates but i have an appreciation for anyone who is. can we still be friends.

    i’ve yet to confess to strange musical issues in my own life. we’ll save that for later.

  12. when my kids were younger they used to watch “Franklin” on PBS. which meant i watched it too…yay me! anyway. franklin was having a “bad day” one day and his father said something to him i will never forget.

    “there is no such thing as a bad day. a day, is just a day. it has no choice. it is exactly what you make it”

    yes. i use this quote all the time! that is one wise turtle!

  13. Okay…. There were my favorites in 82 I was 14 and hot!!!

    I have the moves girls…..

    This was a very poignant message for all of us.
    Everyone is watching.

  14. Unfortunately, most of my family treats people that way and so does my SIL. It just makes me so mad! It doesn’t cost you anything to show some common courtesy to people.

  15. I’d like to add…and sometimes when you get great customer service or really great food, send a compliment or a positive email let someone know about it.

    I try to be pretty nice when the meal isn’t great or even if the service isn’t. I’ve been known to send an email to an establishment if it’s just “not right”. For example, the Seattle’s Best that I go to all the time, seems to run out of cinnamon rolls all the time…seriously…if you run out more than twice a week, order extras. Right. So I email their customer support and make the suggestion (only after this happened to me like 3 times).

    We RARELY eat out at McDonalds. (No kids yet) Two weeks ago, we took my nephews for ice cream and so they could play. This particular McDonalds was really clean. (I didn’t visit the bathroom which is the real test). So I mentioned it to one of the customers. He said something about letting their corporate office know. I figured…why not, if something was hideously wrong (like no cinnamon rolls) I would. 😀 I did. McDonalds sent me coupons for two free meals. I wasn’t expecting anything.

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