Pride vs. Humility #2

Another dose of medicine for ya: Proud, unbroken people focus on the failures of others. Humble, broken people are overwhelmed with a sense of their own spiritual need. Let me hear you on this one.

13 thoughts on “Pride vs. Humility #2”

  1. if i can point out your failures…mine don’t seems so bad…all humans are born with this.

    Humble, and broken…thats when God can really use you!

  2. This is my favorite because it rings so true. Humble, broken people are “real”. Others are drawn to them. Someone who is prideful and full of self will be quick to blame and point out faults in others…not exactly the type you want to be friends with!
    Humble, broken people reveal God’s hope and love. Inspire others and encourage “realness” in those around them.
    That is the kinda person I want to be and the kind of adults I want to train my kids to be as they grow up. Thanks for the morning cup of coffee “thought”!
    love ya’ll

  3. The way I see it will always be through the lense of insecurity… pride is the way some people’s insecurity manifests (I sound important because I used a big, church word!) itself in their lives… they have to be proud because they’re not secure enough in who they are… therefore, they have to put others down to make themselves feel more important…

  4. The humble and broken often allow themselves to operate from a place of “what do I have to lose?”. They take risks because they have first hand knowledge of how secrets destroy themselves and others. Humility is the glue that cements authentic relationships. Isn’t that what Christ was really all about? So few words in this post, yet so very thought provoking. Thank you, Cindy.

  5. Get off the DEAD horse If you are riding it!!!! Get out of the saddle!

    If God can move on when we ask for forgiveness…isn’t it prideful in the fact that we CANT!!! Think about it! I love this Cindy keep up the great blog!

  6. Wow, Cindy another great, deep thought provoking topic.

    It is so true! It is very easy to point out the faults/mistakes of others or get puffed up thinking, “Well at least I don’t do that, say that, act that way, etc.,” I feel that part of the reason why the lost have such a hard time coming to Christ is they have a prideful family member or friend that is a hot shot in their local church and thus the non-believer sees that they are not all that different from themselves. It is the old hypocritcal excuse, but it is true. Too many times we get filled with pride or forget those times of brokenness.

    I know I don’t ever want to forget those times of brokenness before the Lord. I don’t ever want to feel I am better than another because of my status or place in life. Many like to run from those days of sorrow, feeling broken before the Lord but I would not change one of those things because it has made me who I am in Christ. But I also have to work on not allowing pride to have a place in my life. It is deceptive and the enemy uses those things that can be a stumbling block in our lives.

    Keep ’em coming! I needed this as I begin my day at work!

  7. we spent some time at my church this past weekend looking at a passage that highlights this – Luke 5:1-11.

    peter’s humble response to Jesus reveals just how aware he is of his own spiritual poverty; and, he is in good company – Isaiah and Jeremiah had very similar responses to a holy encounter (Is. 6 and Jer. 1)

  8. I also think humble, broken people look at the failures in the lives of others and see it is a symptom of their spiritual need. They have compassion on them instead of contempt.

    Great post, as usual 🙂

    Love your heart Cindy!

  9. This past Sunday my pastor gave a sermon on standing out in the crowd. At the end he asked us to write down on a notecard that was left on our chairs the one thing that we feel like God is talking to us to expand on and grow into more. Mine was….compassion.

    Recently I was very deeply hurt by someone that didn’t show compassion to my situations and was even told that I must not be saved if I couldn’t get over my past and that I hadn’t shown enough fruit in my life to warrant salvation. It was devastating because it was someone I respected and at one time admired. I saw through that that night. What I saw was pride. Pride in their perfect world and I didn’t fit into it.

    Broken people admit they need God and not some set of rules or molds that the “more perfect” make or fit into. That’s why I feel a call to compassion, because I’ve broken ever rule and every mold and know for whom I can turn to for redemption!

    I’m not afraid to admit….I NEED GOD! Only through Him can I be free!

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