Pregnant Teenagers Need You!

When I was 20 years old, I applied for a summer missionary position through the Baptist Student Union at my college. By applying, they could have sent me anywhere. My best friend got to go to Australia. Poor thing. I was banished strategically placed on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Ft. Washakie, Wyoming. Can you say culture shock? Not only that but it was the first time this little Texas girl would truly be away from her momma. I’d be there ten weeks but would have a partner with me. It wasn’t long before we became fast friends and still remain in touch today. I share this with you because it was a tremendous opportunity for me that allowed me to grow in my faith while serving others. Not only did I learn things about myself that needed to be addressed, but I also learned about an entirely different culture and how to minister to those who lived there. Another reason I bring this topic to my blog is because of my new blogging friend, Ryan Bush, and his wife, Amanda. I’ve enjoyed reading his blog for many weeks now. Not only is he witty, but he has a pure heart to help others. The Promise House is the ministry that his family oversees. It involves helping pregnant teenagers. This is such an awesome ministry because it helps girls who decided AGAINST an abortion, praise Jesus. Some of these young girls choose to keep their child and others choose adoption. The Bush family is asking for your help! There is a 10-week internship this summer at The Promise House available to a college-aged female. No expenses will be incurred during this time. Please check it out here. This opportunity may not apply to you. I’m a 37-year old wife and mom so I certainly do not qualify. BUT…you may know someone or know someone who knows someone who is looking for a transforming opportunity to pour into the lives of hurting, teenage girls. Who do you know? Don’t miss the chance to help some young woman not only be blessed by giving, but also by receiving.

6 thoughts on “Pregnant Teenagers Need You!”

  1. so i really don’t fit the profile…but I’ll pass this on to a few of my old students. Thanks for your heart.

  2. Cindy,

    You are awesome. Thanks for sharing your influence to impact the lives of our ‘daughters’. I’ll keep you updated on how the search goes.


  3. That’s a neat story. I was talking to a couple yesterday who met each other while working as teachers with a Catholic mission on an Indian reservation in Montana. They said it was a really great experience for them too.

  4. This might be off subject; well not really! There is a current presidential hopeful who voted against the ban of partial birth abortions.

    Thanks for the info. this is an important cause!

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