Pita Pizzas

Folks, need to tell alla y’all a little somethin’ about the Bealls. We love to cook together and come up with some scrumptious meals. Sure do, SHURE DO. Since we’ve been on the Weight Watchers, we’ve both really been surprised at just how great some of the recipes are.  Like the Asian-style pork chops I make served with brown rice.  Or the tasty taco soup that fills us up rather nicely.  Don’t even get me started on the garden vegetable soup with fat-free saltines.  But, one of our faves has been the pita pizza. Chris Beall has perfected, and dare I even say CREATED, the grilled pizza.  It is amazing.  However, we’ve really had to change it up since the WW because of all of the dough and cheese, you understand.  We’ve never let a challenge like that stand in our way before so we have improvised.  And here’s the recipe for all of you who want to try it… Pita Pizza Ingredients: whole wheat pitas, pizza sauce, toppings of your choice, mozzarella, olive oil and house seasoning, which is salt, pepper, garlic powder, thank you Paula Dean 🙂 1.  Mix house seasoning with olive oil; brush on the back side of the pita; put the oiled side of the pita down on a cookie sheet 2.  Put a couple of spoons of pizza sauce on each pita 3.  Put 1/3 cup of mozzarella on each pita (or less if you want) 4.  Put toppings on the pizza (My fave is finely chopped garlic and purple onions, sliced Roma tomatoes with basil and rosemary.) 5.  Bake on the rack in the oven  (We bake our pita pizzas on our gas grill!  Heat it up and then when it’s like an oven inside, turn off the burners and put the pizza on.) I certainly do hope you’ll try this.  I had to share, just had to share this splendidness with you.  

9 thoughts on “Pita Pizzas”

  1. Fun that you’re both on board! My husband is 6’1 and about 150 pounds…so I have to get a little creative when cooking for both of us. No low fat meals allowed for him! 🙂

  2. Our family has been making these for a while and we LOVE them!! Plus, it’s nice because everyone can make them to their taste. And, as you know, the whole wheat pita is SO much better for you than pizza dough! We also like to use black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, avacado, black olives, and reduced-fat cheddar or jack cheese for a little mexican pizza. Or, try a sauce with fresh spinach, pinenuts, tomatoes, and fresh motzerella..it’s tasty too!

  3. Holy moly!!! You guys eat them too????? We have been eating them again a TON lately. They’re SO yummy, and so low fat. I started eating them a bunch when I was also doing WW. They’re a hit around our house.

    When I was on WW I used to make them with fat free cheese. But, fat free cheese doesn’t melt so pretty. So since I’m not have to cut calories as much anymore, I just use the 2% and sometimes even the real stuff and it’s tastes and looks SO much yummier. I have never really heard of many other people eating pita pizzas. Maybe we’re just the smart ones. 😉

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