Pink Hair, A Nose Ring And Jesus


There’s a girl with pink hair who happens to be a hard core Jesus Freak. And she’ll take that label as a HUGE compliment. I have yet to hear the sound of her voice or even give her a big ole hug, but I can tell you that the words she writes clearly state that she has a heart after her Heavenly Daddy. This Pink-Haired Girl is heading to Africa on a mission trip mid-March. Like less than a month away. Like totally. Many of you know how difficult it is to raise support. She knows, too. But our God has proven to her that He is Jehovah Jireh, our provider. She has about $300 bucks to go. That would be like twenty people donating $15 each or thirty people donating $10 each or twelve people donating $25 bucks each or…need I go on? Hep a sista out and donate here if you feel so led. Crystal’s team is doing some “never done before” things while they are there this time. I know her team would appreciate your prayers. Some of you have made praying an art form so get bi-zee!

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