Pet Peeves

A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than others may find it.
I have a few of my own… …when the shower curtain is bunched up after a shower…makes for a very mildew-y, disgusting situation. …when people say “irregardless”.  It’s REGARDLESS, people.  For the love. …and if you follow me on the Twitter, you know how crazy it makes me when people block intersections. What about you?  You got one? Do share.

20 thoughts on “Pet Peeves”

  1. When shoes are left in the living room.
    When my husband doesn’t put the toilet paper on the toilet paper holder. But, I love him irregardless.

  2. When people inturupt me when I am talking or check their email or twitter during our discussion. I’ll give you my undivided attention, I’d like yours as well. Thank you.

  3. “You can have this “thing” (whatever it happens to be) for under $20.00. It’s only $19.99.” Arrrggghhh! That’s $20 in my book.

    The commercials on TV that overly dramatize everyday situations. For example, the one about caulking the bathtub and sink. Come on! Nobody makes a mess like that. Show me some realistic commercials for a change.

    Is everything sold on TV $19.95? I realize this is just marketing gone mad, but it does bother me. I think the worst offenders are Christian bookstores. Why? Because, of all stores, there should be no deception going on. Don’t sell a book for $10.99 – it’s $11.00.

    Lastly, gas prices. There is absolutely no earthly reason we should be paying more than a dollar a gallon. In some parts of the world people are paying less than $.50 per gallon. Greed is not helping the situation.

    There’s much more, but this is enough for now.

  4. When people don’t replace the toilet paper & they just sit it on the empty roll!! come on people how hard is it??

  5. Improper pruning of trees….if you want a short tree—-plant a short variety! Trees shouldn’t be ‘topless’.

    Using ‘I’ when ‘me’ is correct. One can’t sound proper and intelligent if one can’t refer to oneself correctly. ;->

  6. I’ve posted about some of my pet peeves before, so I won’t drag all that up now [smile].

    …but I had no idea that irregardless was “nonstandard.” Thanks for making me more informed, irregardless of the the amount of years I’ve lived with it.

    Eh, I still like the word and will likely continue to use it, irregardless of it’s annoying nature to the more well-informed [smile].


  7. wrong use of words…especially the “your, you’re” “their, there” etc. I know English is stupid, but learn your own language people! that bugs.

    lately, people attending Disneyland bug. but I shouldn’t be annoyed that they’re on vacation and I’m in a hurry to get to work 🙂 they just move too slow for me!!

    ahhhh pet peeves are the best!

  8. People who will not turn on their headlights at dusk because they can still see- people in other cars sometimes can’t see you.

  9. When people “un-thaw” something for supper….think about it people…that would be to freeze it…

    ..drives me crazy it does..


  10. Irregardless…ugh. Also the misuse of “ironic.” doesn’t anyone know the meaning of that word? It’s used incorrectly on the news all of the time. They think it means coincidentally.

  11. When a person’s nose is “whistling”– for the love of Pete, go blow your nose or sniff really hard or something!

    Used handtowels left bunched up by the sink. Please fold them and put them back up. Please.

    Bits of cereal left on a bowl overnight. Scraping dried on Fruity Pebbles off a bowl the next morning is hard! They’re like colorful little pieces of cement!

    Ok, I’m glad those are all off my chest now. =)

  12. it’s not a ‘hot’ water heater, it’s a frikken cold water heater. if teh water was hot you wouldn’t need a heater irregardless

  13. If at a Sonic that happens to also have a drive-thru, and getting stuck behind someone ordering food and other lengthy orders, wouldn’t it make sense that this is for drinks and cash only?!!

  14. i have a friend who says “surrenderance”. is that even a word.

    i dont like to hear people chew. ever.

    im the same way with our shower curtains too.

    speaking of which, i shared last week that i check behind the shower curtain every time i go potty.

  15. tam said:

    i dont like to hear people chew. ever.

    im the same way with our shower curtains too.

    You don’t like to hear people chew your shower curtain? 😉

  16. Thanks for all your pet peeves, they made me smile!
    I can relate to most of them.
    We aren’t so different after all!

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