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Paying $20 For A Shirt Is Expensive For Me

I have some quirks. Yes, yes I do. Like the fact that I have my packing list for trip in an Excel spreadsheet or that I balance my checking account TO THE PENNY every single morning or that I will often drive to the other side of town to save 3ยข on a gallon of gas. I know, right? I have many more but I have a reputation to protect and I don’t want alla y’all to think I’m a total ignoramus. (Is that even a word?) What’s your deal?ย  Got any quirks to share?

6 thoughts on “Paying $20 For A Shirt Is Expensive For Me”

  1. I record all Oprah episodes but refuse to watch because I cry at some point before the show goes off. No matter what kind of epi it is it touches me in some way.

    I won’t pay over 5 bucks for flipflops.
    I only buy from the limited menu of 5 dollar footlongs from Subway.


  2. Oh Cindy!! Please! Don’t get me started! I’m a mental case on quirks! It drives my husband to distraction sometimes. I’ve become lackadaisical lately. I need some motivation. I think my trouble/stress is that we’re about to lose our house and I have no interest in dealing with it or any of that entails the endeavor of it all. I need prayer honestly! Thank you!

  3. You know, I think that being ocd is like a gift. Really, I do.

    I smell my food before eating it. Surreptitous sniffs, but they’re there. (I take a sniff of most everything, but that’s just too embarrassing to admit)
    Can’t walk by something hanging crooked without straightening it.
    I align my sofa & coffee table everytime I walk by them. We have hardwood floors, which is a blessing (easy to move the furniture) and a curse (easy to move furniture).
    Rearrange my dishwasher after my fam loads in their dishes.
    And the list goes on. Medication helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I am anal about the way I place groceries on the conveyor belt. Frozen, meats & deli, dairy, produce, boxes & cans, cleaning & hygiene, paper products. Non-squish stuff last, like bread, chips, etc ALWAYS go last.

    And it drives me INSANE when my items get all mixed up in bags when I so meticulously placed them on the belt in these groups.

  5. I like to have a pillow in my lap most of the time if I am sitting. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even if I’m driving on a road trip! Or sometimes I just put a jacket in my lap. Weird I know, but it makes me feel more secure. I also hate when people eat in bedrooms. I won’t allow my husband to do it hardly ever!!! It just grosses me out. I start thinking about crumbs in the bed, or ants in my room.

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