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Patience Indeed

Webster defines the word patient as bearing pains or trials calmly or without complain. That’s a pretty good definition, I think. My friend, Robin, taught her children about patience years ago and used the phrase, “patience is waiting without complaining.” I know how to wait. I’m 40 years old and have done a lot of waiting in my life. I am just now seeing the beginning fruits of my book-writing journey that started over six years ago. I’ve had to learn to wait. Until this week, I would have said I’m a patient person. But the whole without complaining part is getting in the way. I may not throw a temper tantrum like a three-year old who doesn’t get the toy he wants when he wants, but I certainly do have a heart that isn’t happy when I’m waiting sometimes. I have a feeling I’m not alone on this. When you wait, are you waiting without complaining?

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  1. Just recently the Lord has really highlighted the scripture in James 1:4:
    This was such a revelation to me that patience is working with me (in me) to bring the WHOLE COMPLETE PACKAGE! And if I get impatient I could end up not getting the fullness of what I am waiting for! Wow! this has so changed my view on patience.
    It just made my mindset flip around about patience. Hang in there and you will get the fullness of everything this book is meant to do and bring. xxx

  2. Love is patient. If I am not patient, I am no loving enough – that goes for being impatient with my husband – my kids – or someone around me….

    This little flip of the words has done a number on me…. But now I am adding the James verse….

    Yummm…..Love thinking as I wait, God is perfecting me. Let the wait begin!!

  3. I would like to say, too, that patience can be learned and honed. I am an only child and grandchild so most of my life I waited for nothing and I mean nothing. As a teacher and a mother and a wife, Lord knows, a wife, I have learned skills for my toolbox that help me to be patient. I remember BIBS when I am driving (Baby in back seat- love this story. Do you know it?) When I am about to throttle a teenager I remember that I may be the only kind and interested person he/she encounters ALL day and my heart softens and my patience hardens. 🙂 I used to tell my son that he better “straighten up because I used all my patience at school.” It is an infinite well, sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper. He now gets the full benefits of a much deeper well and NEVER will I sacrifice his feelings for my laziness ever again.

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