Pastor’s Wives Are People, Too

The girls over at CLUTCH are so awesome!  Delina and Sarah are pastor’s wives who are building a community for other pastor’s wives.  I love what they are about. But don’t check out just because you are not a pastor’s wife. SERIOUSLY!  You may not be one, but you probably know one. Did you realize that some of the loneliest women are often those who are married to a pastor at your church?  Pastor’s wives often wonder if someone is being their friend to get in good with the pastor.  Pastor’s wives often feel pressure from the people in their church to act a certain way. Tis true. Delina nad Sarah have interviewed some other pastor’s wives as well as had guest bloggers who have been in the PW role.  This week they are posting some thoughts from yours truly, so hop on over there throughout the week and check some things out if you want to.  Maybe hearing from some pastor’s wives will help you to understand these wives better. And it might also give you something on me that you can tease me about. Now, scoot!

7 thoughts on “Pastor’s Wives Are People, Too”

  1. Hi Cindy!
    Thank you so much for sharing your story on Clutch. I read through the first few chapters of your book, and you seem like an amazing woman. Thank you (and your hubby) for following Jesus with everything in you!

  2. Hey girl,
    Wondering if you’re going to Beth Moore’s Pastor’s Wives conference in March? Maybe we could actually meet in person if you are. 🙂
    Love to you,

  3. I avoid relationships with pastors for some of the reasons. Ministers/pastors and wives
    expecting discounts or reduced fees or free stuff from our buisness and others
    in our community who own buisnesses. I guess both sides feel a little manipulated.

  4. Oh, you open my eyes, Cindy. thank you very much. i think I need to give more attention to pastor’s wife.

    I am waiting for the interview.

  5. Well, my wife of 30+ years happens to be a “pastor’s wife”, and I’m glad she is. There are so many they have to deal with, not the least of which is helping their husbands walk the straight and narrow. Not that mine has to do that, mind you.

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