15 thoughts on “Passing The Baton”

  1. “Remember who your dad really is”…Double meaning for that. My earthly Father is in heaven with Jesus and it’s always good to remember the man he was and what he gave/taught.

    “Remember who your Dad really is”…Savior of the world…Abba Father…Daddy…the One who wipes my tears when I need it most.

    Thank you!

  2. I posted that video on my blog earlier this week because I was also so moved by it too! It really brought on the tears for me. I thought it was a very honest and heartfelt letter.

  3. Seen it quite a bit….I doesn’t lose it’s specialness. Those Bush girls were raised with class, compassion and big hearts.

    Could they be Texas hearts?? 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing. I’d read the script but hadn’t seen the video. Father-child relationships superseding politics…and so honestly done…beautiful.

  5. Wow, you warned me to get a tissue but did I listen…no. (Sniff, sniff). That was good. It’s amazing that everyone seems to have forgotten all the criticism against President Bush now that there is a new president. Although I didn’t agree with every decision (who could?) I never took the “W” sticker off my car.

    Let us all keep President Obama in our prayers.

  6. I read this somewhere online and choked back the tears then. My favorite part about the whole letter is when they talk about THEIR DAD and telling the Obama girls to always remember who their dad is, depsite who the media says he is. Nobody knows how all of the media criticism affects the children of the president, except for the children of past presidents.

  7. I hadn’t seen it, only heard about the letter. I know those daughters’ hearts hurt deeply for their father. The part that struck me was about how “he’s not the sketch in the newspaper.”

    Thank you so much for posting this so that those of us who hadn’t seen it could.

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